1. Jazzfannut83

    Jazz vs Nets next Weds, 1/19

    Any other east coast Jazz fans going to this game besides myself?
  2. Jazzfannut83

    A Quote from Hot Rod Hundley about the Jazz...

    " <They> knew they could beat the Jazz because they won three straight in the regular season. They rebound well and big teams give the Jazz a lot of trouble". Ok, so you're wondering why I post this, since it's only mentioned and discussed about 1,000,000 times how we have trouble with L.A.s...
  3. Jazzfannut83

    What up Doe? Anyone go to the BBQ?

    So, I saw CJ had his BBQ yesterday (also, his tweeting has increased quite a bit but he cracks me up even though half the time I haven't a clue what the heck he's talking about). The pics I saw were funny too-he was wearing a t-shirt with Oscar the Grouch on it :D Did anyone get to go to his...
  4. Jazzfannut83


    Glad to be back. I feel renewed and whole again! And on a night the Lakers lost the forum is reborn. That must be an omen for the future of our beloved Jazz! :cool: