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    The key to Spida Greatness

    A huge insight as to Mitchell's greatness. https://www.sbnation.com/2018/4/27/17277078/donovan-mitchell-highlights-utah-jazz-iq-watching-basketball
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    Best and worst FA signings

    SBNation is keeping the list of signings and also indicates their FA rank. https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2016/6/30/12052290/nba-free-agent-signings-tracker-2016-rumors Which of these are your best and worst signings?
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    Jazz 3 main objectives

    One of the difficulties of reading a fan site is that as soon as one of the players (i.e. Kanter or Burkes lately) are not performing folks ask questions like "we should be tradin' him" and while that conclusion might be true there is a lot time and work that needs to be done. Additionally...
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    What will record be at end of November?

    Jazz are 2-3 today, what will the record be at end of November. here is sched: 12 games... 5 home... 7 road Dallas At pistons (1-3) At pacers (1-4) At hawks (1-2) At Knicks (2-3) At Toronto (4-1) Thunder (1-4) At Warriors (4-0) Pelicans (2-2) Bulls (4-1) At Thunder (1-4)...
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    Quin Snyder Interview - 1280 the zone Oct 23

    Quin Snyder Interview on 1280 today was very informative. He’s quite open. Here is the link: . https://1280thezone.com/index.php/story/read/the_big_show_utah_jazz_head_coach_quin_snyder Here is my quick transcript: ... In Atlanta, they ran a version of the spurs but modified that fit...
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    Chad Ford's Mock Draft taken with other teams' preferences

    I ran Chad Ford’s Mock Draft a jillion times. Here is the Jazz draft scenario at each position 1. Jabari 2. Wiggins 3. Embiid 4. Randle 5. Exum 6. Smart 7. Gordon But taking into account Chad Ford’s opinion on the other team it sums to this: 1. Parker 2. Parker (jazz take Wiggins...
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    Will Jazz buy a Pick?

    Dave Locke just outlined that for $3M you can buy a pick and that some teams are looking to get out of the draft (NY, Indiana, Clippers) Would you buy a pick?
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    Salary Situation 2015/16 How to pay these guys?

    2015/16 is when all the players will be on the book at their re-signed contracts. Below is an attempt to figure out what the pay structure has to be. I made quick guess and adjusted to fit the total to be the 73M luxury limit of today. I looked at the hoopshype salaries for the...
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    Forget political mud slinging what are the precise liberal/conservative values

    Politicking is a flip-flopping, say-what-you-need-to business. It is the nature of the business. The dems have done a good job of labeling Mitt a flip flopper. And there is plenty of evidence that he has flipped. But Barack is not that different. In the heat of battle, Obama claimed...
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    2nd Pick Historically appears to be a bad bet

    A quick look at the different picks over time shows a couple of things: 1. To get MVP - pick #1 (no duh item) 2. 2nd Pick is a bad spot - seems like trouble spot 3. 3rd pick is not bad - excellent chance at real contributor. 4. 9th pick is a pretty lucky spot - 5. Don't expecct much at...
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    TNT's Barkley and Webber like AJ on the Jazz

    Barkley and Webber just gave their two cents on the upcommng season and had had great things to say about Utah with AJ. Barkely thinks only Utah has a chance to challenge the Lakers out west. Webber gave the "unstoppable" claim for AJ in conjunction with the aspects of the Jazz offense...
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    What did KOC know and when?

    How much of the goings on are in place, laid out in advance? Obviously it is not laid down in concrete, but some things could well be known. Minny's situation with AJ for one. Boozer's trade value/street value for 2, same with Korver. At end of season - Not signing Boozer - maybe...