1. Edgewriter

    Any interest in boogie

    Lol, NO. Why voluntarily put cancer in your locker room?
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    Poll: Is Donovan Mitchell the biggest chucker since

    Literal penis head avatar is trolling? Nooooo.
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    Jazz vs Pacers

    Even if you think it's not a good idea from a purely statistical place, it's important to players. They care and that's why it's not worth whatever minor benefit you think we'll get having Royce start the first five minutes or so over him. Our locker room is amazing right now and Mike is playing...
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    Jazz vs Pacers

    Also, there is no way Conley stays off the bench for the rest of the season. He may be the first sub out with Royce coming in, but you don't have a 30 mil+ player come off the bench. Players see that as disrespectful. Once his minutes restriction is over he'll be back in the starting lineup and...
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    Jazz vs Pacers

    KK because she would watch the games with you.
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    Do you have reliable access to Jazz games this coming season?

    The reddit page discord just has chat. You have to beg someone to PM you links. I live in TN and have the NBA League Pass Utah Jazz Team pass. It was $119. I loved the quality last year, and they do save every game all season so you can watch any games you miss in HD, but there are several...
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    Favors traded to the Pelicans

    Jazz did Faves a solid here so he didn't have to sit on waivers and got back a pick or two in the process, a win for us and a classy gesture towards Faves, who has been a true professional. I'll miss him and wish him good luck with the Pels.
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    Conley Officially a Jazzman

    All in his groin. He's been watching a ton of Extenze infomercials during his couch time.
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    Imagine if the Jazz had taken the Suns approach after Quinn's first season. They are idiotic.
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    False, Falser, and Falsest.
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    Utah Jazz 2018-19 Championship Bus CHOO CHOO

    Ok, so I just finally read this. Thanks, Fish and Colton! I'm glad you're reading and enjoying the books. I haven't been on the board much, mainly jumping on to read the opposing team's quotes after wins. There is just so much negativity and at one time I was spending way too much time here. I...
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    The Jazz Are The Reason Why We Lost Porzingis

    This is a joke, right? We always beat Carmelo teams. JJ Barea has forever been a thorn in our sides. Even when we beat them the guy goes bonkers against us.
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    Quin Snyder cost the Jazz this series

    I'll go a step further and say Houston cost us the series. Them and refs.
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    Rate the Jazz Season

    I picked nine at first, just because I thought we could have extended this series to 7. Then I slapped myself repeatedly until I managed to change my vote. What an amazing year. We have our generational talent we all said was necessary to win a championship. We shocked the league with our play...
  15. Edgewriter

    Can Somebody Explain What The Hell Happened Last Night?

    I think reality crashed in on us last night. Good news, though. Rubio just might be back tomorrow and I heard at Best Buy that he has the Reality Stone. I think this goes six games.
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    New Assistant Coach Candidates?

    I had this thought too and realized that this might be the only way Kobe stops getting booed at Jazz games. Seriously, that would be a nuts turnaround. He was the most hated man in the building every time he was here and was on record for saying that Utah Fans are classless. I think this would...
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    Crazy mad love from around the league for the Spida putback dunk

    Mine too. This whole thread is amazing but that one had me rolling.
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    Still More Quotes from the Rockets' forums after Jazz win Game 2

    The thing that these threads have taught me tonight is that I really dislike Rockets fans more than Thunder fans. They seem so entitled and it's like pulling teeth to get them to acknowledge that Utah is a real threat. All they do is slam our players and say their team didn't try. I hope we win...
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    Quotes from the Rockets' forums after Jazz win Game 2

    I think its hilarious, them calling us floppers when their best players had made a career out of faking fouls.
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    Accomplished a long-time goal. Published book #2

    Thanks. I was using the PC. I'll check it out.