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    Buyout market

    It's always "if" with Drummond. If he would stop posting up. If he would stop trying to play make. If he would just focus only on rebounding and boxing out. The reality is he does post up, he does try to play point guard, and he gets his own rebounds without helping his teammates. There's no...
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    Buyout market

    Unless he completely changes who he is as a player, this might make them worse. Drummond sucks.
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    Game Thread Mar 27, 2021 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Grizzlies

    Favors has been good on defense today. 4 blocks
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    Ben Simmons strengthening his case for Defensive Player of the Year

    Gobert is still the betting favorite by a considerable margin. I don't think we need to get too worked up about Simmons trying to promote himself. He wasn't even 2nd on the site I looked at, Myles Turner was.
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    I want apologies for all the Niang hate on this board!!!

    Niang gets way too much hate. We need a guy like him who's not afraid to shoot the ball. He is also surprisingly pretty good when he gets opportunities in the paint.
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    Game Thread Feb 17, 2021 8:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers

    Great opportunity to lock up the lead in the season series. I'm with HH on this one. Must win game.
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    Gobert leads the new defensive player ladder

    AD is one of the most overrated players. He won 1 playoff game in his career before getting traded to LA so Lebron could carry him along. I have no idea how he's been 1st team all nba when Jokic, Embiid, and Gobert are all better than him as centers and Lebron, Durant, Giannis, and Kawhi Leonard...
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    Who's getting bought out this year?

    That's step 1. Step 2 is finding a way to get the other Bogdanovic from Atlanta so we can have lineups with Bojan Bogdanovic, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Rudy Gay, and Rudy Gobert. Opposing players will get confused about who they're supposed to guard and leave us open for layups
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    Have people here bought into Conley yet?

    Is it just me, or does it seem like the anti-Conley crowd is a little over-eager to disregard his entire career outside of the 1st 20 games of last year? More specifically, like, totally ****ing disregard. Seriously now. The beginning of last year was clearly the outlier. The guy put up 12...
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    NBA Player Wishlist

    I've always liked Kleber on the Mavs. Big, athletic, and reasonably good from 3 and on defense. He'd be great to have as another option at the 4 since he's bigger and better on defense than Bogdanovic and Niang and a better shooter than Favors.
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    Jinglin' Joe

    I think breaking the iron man streak was good for him. He looks totally reinvigorated after getting a couple games off
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    January 26 2021: Should The Jazz Even Be Allowed To Play The Knicks?

    Carmelo Anthony is averaging 12.8 points per game this season. If you added that to the Knicks' total tonight, they still would have lost.
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    Beating the Lakers

    I have no idea how he's been doing this year, but the Lakers have Dennis Schroeder now and he's had some pretty big games against us in the past. We also used to play very well against AD with Gobert+Favors lineups, but Lebron being there is obviously a huge difference between AD on the...
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    Game Thread Jan 21, 2021 8:00PM MT (TNT): Jazz vs. Pelicans

    Mike Effing Conley continues to kill it in plus minus. Him and Bogdanovic were both +23 to lead the team.
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    Game Thread Jan 21, 2021 8:00PM MT (TNT): Jazz vs. Pelicans

    Not happening, unfortunately. I only saw the 2nd half of Bucks-Lakers but Milwaukee had some pretty bad stretches
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    Game Thread Jan 21, 2021 8:00PM MT (TNT): Jazz vs. Pelicans

    If Milwaukee beats the Lakers in the 1st game of the TNT doubleheader, we will be playing for the best record in the NBA.
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    "Quin Snyder, may I introduce you to Miye Oni? He is on your roster and available to play."

    I kind of agree, but unless you're including this season, don't you mean the past 2 seasons? Joe's best year was 17-18 when Mitchell was a rookie, which was 3 seasons ago
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    Game Thread Jan 01, 2021 7:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Clippers

    Favors was great tonight. He stepped up in a major way after Gobert got his 4th foul early in the 3rd quarter. Conley also played amazing despite allegedly being short, old, and a bad fit on the team
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    Game Thread Dec 31, 2020 7:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Suns

    It feels more like the other way around to me. I could see the team making today's game the priority and then resting guys tomorrow - the Clippers are better than Phoenix and it's the 2nd game of the back to back. Play hard tonight and try to bank a win, let the guys have a little fun for new...
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    2020-2021 Western Conference Regular Season Prediction Contest

    1 UTA 2 LAL 3 DEN 4 LAC 5 POR 6 DAL 7 PHX 8 GS 9 MEM 10 HOU 11 NO 12 SA 13 SAC 14 OKC 15 MIN Golden state and Houston are probably the hardest to predict. If I knew Harden was going to be on Houston the whole year I would probably switch them and GS. With GS it's hard to predict Steph Curry out...