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    Ranking the Northwest division teams

    I got to thinking about the Jazz record and decided to look at the competition in their division. After looking at our divisional rivals rosters, I was pretty excited about the future and this season. I certainly think the Jazz can hold their own with teams in the division. I am not that...
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    Ty Wannabes -Give your player rotation adjustments

    Since many people are complaining about Coach Corbin, What roster moves would make to maximize the chances of winning more? I would start Gobert and move Favors to PF I would use Kanter as the Six man off the bench -this allows him more touches and adds scoring to the bench I would also put...
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    Possible PG for Jazz next year?

    https://www.eurobasket.com/Israel/basketball.asp?NewsID=306931 Update on the Israel PG (Gal Mekel) that the Jazz tried to bring into camp but couldn't because of visa issues. I like the kids attitude. He had a great game but took the loss hard because he seems to be a competitor. I hope he is...
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    Trade that almost happened?

    https://hoopshype.com/rumors.htm I know that it doesn't matter now but I read this rumor on the Hoopshype about a trade between Utah and Dallas.
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    Breaking News: Cleveland drafts Enes -

    Seems like SI is out of touch with the NBA because they think Enes was picked by the Cavaliers. https://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/basketball/nba/?eref=sinav&sct=hp_nv_a :D
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    Second Round Sleepers

    Which of the second round picks do you think will have success in the NBA? With the Jazz success picking in the second round was there ever any talk about them acquiring a second round pick? I think there is some decent talent in the second round this draft. Charles Jenkins Isiah Thomas David...
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    Kevin Prichard GM for Blazers Fired!!!!

    Maybe we can get rid of KOC.