Karl Town's mom died of Covid 19

    RIP https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/04/13/sports/mother-karl-anthony-towns-dies-covid-19-complications/

    What ALBUMS are you listening to right now? (to get you through Covid 19)?

    Cos individual songs just aren't cutting it anymore with these long lockouts and staying home for long days and nights...

    Is Bogey the best FA signing the Jazz has ever had?

    Yes? No?

    The new Jazzfanz Logo is #AMAZING!!!

    Title says it all!!!

    Rank Oscars Nominated Movies 2020

    Just watched 1917 yesterday, and whoah, what a movie! So now I've seen all the movies except Little Woman which I'm probably gonna be too busy to watch... (real reason, *cough cough*) If you all had to rank them all, what would your list be? Mine would be as follows. 1917 The Irishman...

    Keanu Reeves reveals his first girlfriend in DECADES

    REALLY happy for him. The star held hands with the artist at the LACMA Art + Film event in LA The two looked very happy together as they posed on the red carpet At one point the action star and the painter beamed at each other Keanu has never posed with a girlfriend on the red carpet in his 35...

    Mitchell's new Nickname idea "The Takeover"

    After tonight's 4th quarter it's VERY appropriate.

    FSU Law Professor Trial Starts...

    Anyone else following this case? FSU Law Professor (Dan Markel) was killed in his own home allegedly by people hired by his ex-wife's brother and/or family due largely to the custody battle of the kids after the divorce. Ex-wife's brother is a playboy/dentist driving Ferraris, and his...

    Amber Guyger Trial Starts...

    So this is the case of a policewoman who, after a shift, went home to her apartment, but got into the wrong apartment (i.e, the same position but on the wrong floor), and shot the owner of the apartment in the heart (victim's an African American sitting at home watching TV and eating ice cream)...
  10. ONE LOVE

    Sydney Moorer sentenced to 60 years

    Anyone else been following this case? https://www.wmbfnews.com/2019/09/18/jury-finds-sidney-moorer-guilty-kidnapping-heather-elvis/ The verdict had just been reached finding him guilty of kidnapping and conspiracy. The judge then handed him 30 years for each to run consecutively. For those...
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    2019-20 NFL Thread

    Anyone else watching NFL this year?
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    Skylar Richardson Trial

    Anyone following this trial? She carried had been pregnant nearing a full term, even went to the prom without anyone noticing, and then argued she gave birth to a dead baby and buried the baby in the family's backyard without telling anyone even her family. The Doctor alerted the Authorities...
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    Another (hollywood) couple bites the dust...

    Miley and Liam calls it quits after 1 year of marriage... #sad_face #Money_don't_buy_happiness #Beautiful_people_beautiful_problems
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    Donovan Mitchell - Spiderman Movie Ad

    Pretty cool.
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    This made me kinda sad today...

    I don't care who's responsible for it.. but we all should be more respectful of others' culture.
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    Start Mitchell at the Point.

    It's time.
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    Trump's Address. Thoughts?

    I thought he focusses too much on reading the whole thing. I know he was reading it, but you'd think after years hosting The Apprentice and 2 years as the President he'd be better at it. I sorta fell asleep half way through watching him squinting his eyes reading the speech near the end. Do you...
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    Government to shut down at Midnight

    Stay safe guys.