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    Quotes from Cavs' forums-"This isn’t 1976 how in the f*** y’all only manage to score 75 pts??"

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    Matt Thomas - Matty Ice

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    Matt Thomas - Matty Ice

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    Bogie fighting Bogie

    It drives me crazy when he gets the ball stripped when he drives.
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    Bogie fighting Bogie

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    Joe Ingles should start over Bogie

    Bogie TOs and lack of D is killing us.
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    Game Thread Feb 27, 2021 6:00PM MT: Jazz at Magic

    Nice outlet pass by Bogie to get that Magic fast break started
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    Nick Wright: To the Jazz - NO ONE thinks you can win a championship - zero people believe that. Six Teams I would pick before Utah to win the title.

    Every team has a "first time" breaking that championship barrier. Until they do it, the reigning champs are the king. We just have to get it done.
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    Wing Defender in the Buyout/Trade Market?

    Not in the buyout but I wish we could get Miles Bridges from Charlotte. I think he has been a disappointment there and he is athletic, young and I think a decent defend
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    Game Thread Feb 19, 2021 8:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers

    Looks like another soft, casual Bogie night
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    Quotes from Celtics' forums-"Everytime I see Joe Ingles, it reminds me I need to catch up on The Walking Dead"

    Love this quote from Brad Stevens. “You can’t make mistakes against these guys, they’re exceptionally well-oiled on offense. Just a special team to compete against, and when you make a mistake they make you pay.”
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    Kevin Porter Jr.

    DUI, gun, weed, maybe attitude Sounds like a Jazz DNA player? No thanks
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    "Quin Snyder, may I introduce you to Miye Oni? He is on your roster and available to play."

    Some very good minutes tonight for Oni. He needs to be in the rotation as a perimeter defender.
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    Basketball pet peeves

    Turnovers and giving up offensive rebounds
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    Is Quin really a good coach?

    It is time for me to have more distance between my being a Jazz "fan" and have more realistic expectations for this team. I am too emotionally tapped into this team. The ups and downs of this team on showing up and playing great and then not playing great is too painful. I am going to have to...
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    Gobert - Wow

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    "Quin Snyder, may I introduce you to Miye Oni? He is on your roster and available to play."

    Gobert played... got cooked. Guess he isn't our best rim defender.
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    Gobert - Wow

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    Gobert - Wow

    Gotta stick with my guy Rudy vs Shaq here.