1. Eenie-Meenie

    Should we rest Conley tomorrow?

    Not going to make this a poll, but I think we should. The Spurs will be coming off a back-to-back with the Sixers and we will be playing at home. Let's roll the dice without Mike, at least for another game. Then, again, I don't know if he is even ready to play yet.
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    Another Murder by Police in Pasquotank County, North Carolina

    Can you believe it? According to police, they had a search warrant for Andrew Brown's premises because of reports he was selling cocaine. But, later, it was revealed that body cam footage shown to the family revealed that Brown had his hands on his steering and never even saw the police...
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    Shaq Harrison

    Not sure if this should go in General NBA and mods can move it if they think so. But I've watched Denver play and caught some minutes of Shaq Harrison, and he looks like a different player than when he was playing for the Jazz. Like way better.
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    Ersan: Can He Still Contribute?

    He has looked ponderously slow so far. Does he just need time to get back, or maybe he has nothing left in the tank?
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    The Nets

    If they can find a way to share the ball, no one is going to beat them. They have arguably the three best offensive players ever to play on one team together. And DeAndre still has something left in the tank while Joe Harris is their Joe Ingles. They beat the Clips tonight without Durant.
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    People have been talking about upgrades for Bogey and Royce, or at least getting a better wing defender. Could we use one? Sure. But at this stage of the game do we really want to mess with the great chemistry that has provided us with the best record in the league? I'm sure most of you...
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    (Edit) Clarkson

    He is just playing draw-dropping. Boler called him the flamethrower. He just seems to keep getting better. (thread title edit by Jason)
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    In honor of Babe

    In honor of Babe:
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    Trump Cries as He Leaves the White House

    This photo was attached to a news article about when he left this morning: Crying, Crying, Cry-eye-ing
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    Durant out for tomorrow's game

  11. Eenie-Meenie

    What the Jazz are doing, is not working

    Quinn's offensive scheme is not working. Not only that but the emphasis seems to me, to be on getting open three's and if the Jazz are missing, it opens things up for the other team so that the Jazz have to scramble back on defense which gives our opponents opportunities for open three's and...
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    Donovan's D so far has been Deplorable

    He doesn't rotate on defense and is sagging too much. Let Rudy take care of the paint and guard your man in your area on the rotation. As a result there have been a lot of wide open three's like Dort whom Donovan was often matched up with. At least he got the best of Dort when it counted. He's...
  13. Eenie-Meenie

    Clarkson for Sixth Man Award

    Let's start promoting Clarkson for the Sixth Man award. I expect he will be worthy of it. Did you see that block of the layup last game? I don't recall who it was that he blocked, but that was a definite highlight moment.
  14. Eenie-Meenie

    Poll: Should We Give Rudy the Supermax?

    I for one don't think he merits the Supermax. Apparently, we have offered him the max and he has so far refused.
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    Are the Jazz going to trade Rudy?

    Based on what some posters have written who are more knowledgeable about this than me, it sounds like the Jazz may be ready to trade Rudy. Who do you think are the likely trade partners and who would be the possible players they might be trading for? And while Conley would be the player the...
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    How does the NBA expect to play this season?

    With the Pandemic rapidly getting worse, how does the NBA expect to play this season? Has anyone heard what the latest information is on this?
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    The Hall of Shame

  18. Eenie-Meenie

    Abraham Lincoln Trump

    Seven Score and 15 years ago I was the saviour of black people I gave them their freedom I removed their shackles And gave them the right to vote Today, in my reincarnated form I again am releasing them From a different kind of bondage Poverty But for those who break the law For those oppose...
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    Ads on the site

    Is there a way to remove or minimize the ads on the site? I never recall such a problem in the past.
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    Wrong forum

    Wrong forum