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    JazzAvenues is back!!

    And I get a little quiet time to myself.
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    Wow. Thank you!

    Hey, JazzFanz JA fans: You’ve been Jingled! I grew up in NH, a diehard Celtics fan, and wore #20 in college. So, there was really no question what I would do with your most generous gift. Relax, just kidding. Seriously, I am touched beyond measure at your generosity, as is JA. And I am looking...
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    JazzAvenues is back in business!

    [emoji322] [emoji322]
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    JazzAvenues News Flash

    Just to reassure everyone, @JazzAvenues is already working on the thread. ;)
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    JazzAvenues is not yet asleep

    Rumor has it he is committed to quotes tonight. Here’s to no more tomorrows. [emoji6]