1. candrew

    Game Thread May 08, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Rockets

    Seriously. Nobody had Utah at the one seed with 4 games to go. Folks here are in sports fan heaven and they don't even realize it - you got a good team that is far exceeding expectations. Seasons like this come around literally once every 15-20 years. Enjoy it - no matter what happens...
  2. candrew

    Is Friday’s game the most important game of the season?

    Campazzo's no weak suck on defense. Dude can more than hold his own.
  3. candrew

    Is Friday’s game the most important game of the season?

    Amazing how well Denver is playing - especially considering Aaron Gordon has turned out to be a complete wet fart. Zero points last night, Lol.
  4. candrew

    The official "let's impeach Trump" thread

    Hey, knock yo'self a pro, Slick. That gray matter backlot perform us down; I take TCBin', man! Translation - Don't be so naive, Arthur. Each of us faces a clear moral chaise
  5. candrew

    Phoenix Suns watch

    CP3 missed a few shots down the stretch that he typically makes. The win is that they were forced to play Paul more minutes than they wanted him to. Now they have to play The Hawks on a b2b.
  6. candrew

    Game Thread May 01, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Raptors

    He's a classic Jazz hater. I listen to his show with Justin Termine on NBA Radio. He's been downplaying The Jazz achievements all season. Doesn't think Mitchell or Gobert has the goods to go next level.
  7. candrew

    I'm Worried About Clarkson

    I think Clarkson has a few nagging injuries - some we know about, a couple we don't. Remember he was playing with a cracked bone in his shooting hand for about a month before anyone knew about it. I wouldn't be surprised if his ankle still isn't 100 percent.
  8. candrew

    Who Steps Up

    He's clearly bigger and stronger than Eisley ever was. Will probably be a better and more versatile defender. But yeah, his ceiling is decent back up point guard which are pretty much a dime a dozen at the end of the day. But it looks like The Jazz found an NBA player and locked him up on...
  9. candrew

    Game Thread Apr 30, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

    Paul has been incredibly durable this year (jinx, jinx, jinx, jinx....)
  10. candrew

    Is Georges Niang Good at Defense Now?

    I don't think he's going to get a big pay day - just more than The Jazz are willing to spend given their other commitments. I think they're going to pitch to Mike hard and he wants to be here. And don't forget he's Smith's buddy. I'd say the chances are greater than 50% they figure out a way...
  11. candrew

    Is Georges Niang Good at Defense Now?

    He can easily start and/or play 28mpg+ for about a dozen NBA teams.
  12. candrew

    Is Georges Niang Good at Defense Now?

    Dude is playing his way out of Utah. I'm happy for him but sad nonetheless. Unless Smith goes full on Cuban, no way they start up two max contracts, retain Mike (which is gonna happen) AND compete for Niang as a UFA.
  13. candrew

    Who Steps Up

    Loved Forrest's body language and presence on the court last night. You can tell he's not just a player - there's definitely stuff going on behind the eyeballs with this guy.
  14. candrew

    Holy piss, the Apollo moon missions were fake?!

    Apollo Astronaut Michael Collins dead at 90. Clearly killed as part of the deep state cover up... https://www.npr.org/2021/04/28/509599284/forgotten-astronaut-michael-collins-dies
  15. candrew

    Mitchell injury

    It's about what we expected, no? May 7 against Denver is a good target date for returning.
  16. candrew

    Mitchell injury

  17. candrew

    Mitchell injury

    Just announced - making progress. Will be evaluated in another week.
  18. candrew

    Only Two Teams Have Won 9 In A Row This Year

    Haha. Yes because beating a team that has sucked for this entire century is more important than beating a team with the best road record and second best overall record in The NBA today.
  19. candrew

    Only Two Teams Have Won 9 In A Row This Year

    No bull **** excuses, Monday is the tail end of a back to back and a getaway game for Phoenix - has schedule loss written all over it You lose on Monday then your 9 game winning streak against so-so "also rans" becomes even more suspect.
  20. candrew

    SIAP - Just a disgusting piece of journalism. Hit piece in the SF Chronicle.

    Correct - and that's what's so ****ing weak about the article. Let's blame Johannes Gutenberg for books that inspired people to do bad things. Let's blame Jonas Salk for people who were saved by the Polio Vaccine as children and then went on to become criminals. A close second is this ultra...