1. Rubashov

    Joe Ingles Interview

    Not a bad interview, nothing massively new here tho.
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    Im starting to worry about all these blowout wins, couple of close ones in the clutch will be good for us come finals, who takes that last shot and so on.
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    Joe has a year left on his deal, how long do we bring him back for 2 or 3 years? Think it will be done this off-season, don't think age will be an issue, his game isn't based on athleticism and his legs are still looking there despite a condensed schedule. You know it makes sense.
  4. Rubashov

    Derrick Rose

    First MVP not to make hall of fame?
  5. Rubashov

    Conley contract extension watch

    Right guys its gonna happen, when, how many years and how much? My guess is two years at 35 mil
  6. Rubashov

    What is Rudy's actual worth?

    What do we reckon Rudy's real market value is? Capella makes ten mil give or take less than Rudy and isnt as good a player but is a fair comparison. What looks like a fair contract to you guys? 5 years at the same numbers front loaded? Discuss
  7. Rubashov

    Congrats to Joe and Renee

    Third kid on its way, more to follow...
  8. Rubashov

    Joe on the Tampering Podcast.

    Just listened to the Tampering Podcast with Joe on it. Its a great listen, reminds me why Joe is my favourite athlete. Duuno if its for the Athletic subscribers only or if you can get it anywhere else.
  9. Rubashov

    Home Invasions

    So there has been a spate of home invasion in Melbourne over the last few years with offenders (Typically juveniles and/or drug users armed with knives and bats) breaking into peoples homes, assaulting them and stealing cars and other easy to take valuables. The community is both scared and...
  10. Rubashov

    Harden is doubtful for tomorrow, missed against Denver today.

    The great flopper looks likely to miss tomorrow against us with a contusion.
  11. Rubashov

    Jazz vs the Once Were Warriors

    Jazz play the Once Were Warriors tonight, (Recent photo of the Warriors shown below) A team that has shamelessly embraced the tank, led by tank commander AB and a support cast of who's that and who does he play for in the G league? I expect Rudy to continue to conquer like no Frenchman...
  12. Rubashov

    Alex Caruso has more All Star votes than Donovan Mitchell

    https://www.nba.com/article/2020/01/09/all-star-voting-2020-second-returns-official-release What a ****ing ridiculous spectacle, fan voting should be abolished. I mean I like caruso, I like what he's done for vans and free candy, i like what he's done for abduction and murder but this makes...
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    Happy New Year

    I believe i might be drunk.. .
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    Miami Holiday Massacre

    So we've all seen the front office show themselves as a bunch of ruthless assassins prepared to take dudes out the back like the old school KGB. So its time for a poll. How do you feel about it?
  15. Rubashov

    Merry Christmas 2019

    Merry Christmas Jazzfanz. Hope you all have a good day, with friends and fam. I'm putting in a cameo at my family lunch before work, then going to a party afterwards. Have a great day.
  16. Rubashov

    Zombie movies

    Watching Zombieland now and I'm just reminded of the problem I have with all zombie films. Where is the army? Where are the machine guns? Where are the high explosive artillery rounds? Air strikes? Flamethrowers? Tanks? You know the whole prospect of the undead coming back to life to eat...
  17. Rubashov

    Life in America today.

    We were watching this at work, laughing immodestly...
  18. Rubashov

    What the hell?

    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jun/27/alabama-pregnant-woman-shot-manslaughter-charge-marshae-jones How the hell does this work?
  19. Rubashov

    The tipping point

    Is the Conley deal the tipping point? All these various rumours about free agents and french girls, is there an element of substance to them due to the Conley trade? I'm as keen as the next man to dismiss them as nonsense but maybe a tipping point has been reached? Just maybe...
  20. Rubashov

    Do or Die Game 5 versus the Houston Floppers

    All or nothing today guys. Time to bring it home for a game 6 GO JAZZ!!!!!