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    Dwyane Wade buys ownership stake in Utah Jazz

    Make no doubts. This is F'in huge. Wade has been one of the most beloved players in the 20th century. The dude was voted the sexiest athlete alive. He throwing in his hat with the Jazz is like Jay Z joining the Nets. After all the obvious disrespect the Jazz have gotten with there domaince this...
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    1-2...And The Jazz Slide Continues

    And yet Blazer fans want Melo to retire. Huh...
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    Game Thread Apr 07, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

    A bunch of mindless complaining. The Jazz have played like poo for the last 6 quarters of basketball. We have seen them play great for 40 games this season. Stop panicking over a shooting slump over two other of the best teams in the NBA. Shoots fall and miss. The shots will fall again.
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    Game Thread Apr 07, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

    That was a great game. I'm not worried. Our guys are suffering a shooting slump. Not to worry though. If we shot close to our average in the first half then we win by 10. The season will always be valleys and peaks. We will get back to form no worries. Btw the fight we showed to get back into...
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    Trade deadline discussion

    KqWIN also thought of the Locked On Podcast Network. Give me a break. You decide to reveal this on a "Trade deadline discussion" thread? Slander is illegal btw.
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    NBA Top Shot

    23$ I decided to spend a couple more dollars to move up 5k in the serial number.
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    NBA Top Shot

    I just joined. Bought Jordan Clarkson dunk #6537 out of 15000 le for 25. When he gets 6th man I bet it will shoot up.
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    Trade for Jerami Grant

    You would give up Mitchel? That's crazy. He's a proven #1 option on a already contending team. Dont through the baby out with the bathwater.
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    Trade for Jerami Grant

    I agree. We do need another strong swing defender.
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    The Jazz are frauds..

    Trolls are a fairytale and that would make you the fraud.
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    Trade for Jerami Grant

    I'm not out on Bogey. The Jazz dont seem to be either. His post game still looks good and the three will pick up. Grant could be great but I dont think we have what it take to get him. We are not trading The Don or Stifle Tower. Pistons wont want Bogey and our firsts are looking to be pretty...
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    Trade deadline discussion

    We dont have the young player to send with the pick.
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    Game Thread Mar 19, 2021 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Raptors

    Vegas has it split 50-50. Im putting my money on the Jazz.
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    Can Donovan be a Good Defender

    Most first options talk about saving their selves for offense. I think that has sunk into The Don. At times when hes engaged we see great defense from him. He has only recently entered Stardom and it may have gone to his head some.
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    Game Thread Mar 18, 2021 05:00PM MT: Jazz at Wizards

    No need to panic. The season is like a rollercoaster. The only team that didnt take any real lumps is the 72 win Warriors. Were not them. We will be fine. I imagine they have gotten a little distracted by all the attention they have gotten around All-Star weekend. Both good and bad. Also...
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    Quotes from Celtics' forums-"the same as it was in the 90s, except now every player is both John Stockton AND Karl Malone "

    It's not that the Jazz dont foul. It's just that they are smart about it. They are focused on not fouling in half court setups. Instead they save their fouls to stop fast break opportunity. Brilliant coaching by Quin.
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    Ersan Ilyasova to sign with Jazz per Jordan Schultz

    Why would we trade anyone? Who would you let go and what do you expect to get back in return? We are 1st in the league right now. FIRST. Why would we start trading away pieces that are working to our advantage. Let's say we trade George. How does Don and Rudy feel about that? What kind of...
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    Ersan Ilyasova to sign with Jazz per Jordan Schultz

    I like it. It gives us another reliable bench piece. He can hit the three, rebound and play rotation team defense. He's not going to play alot. Im glad for it, were 1st in the league with what we had and this addition doesnt means with the chemistry we have. It adds another piece to put on the...
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    Game Thread Mar 03, 2021 5:00PM MT: Jazz at 76ers

    I want to say that I am consistantly appoliget to NBA officials. They have a very difficult job needing split second decision making to make a right call. With that said this game was absolute ********. How about the shoulder check from Simmons on Clarckson in the early stages of the game...