1. stormkoopacv03

    Team Giannis

    Both Rudy and Donovan on Team Giannis. Thoughts?
  2. stormkoopacv03

    Mitchell won't defend Dunk contest title...

    Well everyone, what do you all think about this? I think it's fine, I wasn't expecting he would to be honest. Putting the team first is the most amazing thing a player would do, I love this guy.
  3. stormkoopacv03

    Notable undrafted prospects?

    So who is still out there to be scooped up for the summer leagues. I know there's Kobi Simmons of U of A. Freshman prospect that went undrafted.
  4. stormkoopacv03

    Rudy Gobert rookie extension

    If Rudy keeps vastly improving and playing very well for the Jazz. What would the Jazz offer him? AD got 145m/5yrs and Dame got 120/5yrs on their rookie extensions. Would 100m/5yrs be enough to keep him around?
  5. stormkoopacv03

    Predict your 1st round surprises on draft day?

    Every year a few NBA teams in the NBA draft would jump the gun or make a reach and select someone they could've gotten in the 2nd round. Leaving the media, experts and fans puzzled, thinking what the heck just happened... ? Some of the reaches were great and others were just plain bad. So...
  6. stormkoopacv03

    Sign and trade Hayward?

    Will it be enough to move up into the top 2 if the Jazz did a Hayward sign and trade + the 5th pick? Wiggins or Parker is a must for the Jazz!
  7. stormkoopacv03

    Former jazz players you see returning to the Utah jazz?

    In your own opinion, who do you think would resign with the team? For me, I honestly think it's one of these two players, Paul Millsap or Wesley Matthews. I wouldn't mind seeing them play for the jazz again. Thoughts?