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    SIAP - Just a disgusting piece of journalism. Hit piece in the SF Chronicle.

    https://www.sfgate.com/sports/article/2021-04-Utah-Jazz-Ryan-Smith-Dwyane-Wade-A-Rod-16115083.php Embarrassing.
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    Wing Defender in the Buyout/Trade Market?

    Looking towards the playoffs - the one thing I think we'd need to add would be another capable, big-body defender who can match up with who we know who stands between us and and a title. Royce is solid but can't guard two guys at once and can't guard for 48 minutes. Someone who can play 8-10...
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    Donovan Mitchell tests positive for COVID-19

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    FA Targets at the MLE/BA level

    Not a capologist, but per Tony Jones the Jazz will have the full MLE and Bi-Annual exception (...don't we also have some trade exceptions?) As it stands, we'll have Royce, Exum, Niang, Neto and Bradley off the bench. That's pretty haggard. Who is a) realistic and b) worth a crap at those $...
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    Give credit where credit is due - the W's are awesome

    They should and likely will lose this series, but that comeback was legendary. Out of gas, completely depleted, on the road, doesn't matter. Steph and Klay have balls of titanium. Those guys are champs. Probably not this year, but in general - they are ****ing champs. I hate them as much as...
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    Once again I am super proud to be a fan of this franchise

    High character group, man. The Millers set the tone and everyone from Dennis down to the 15th guy on the roster are all high-level competitors. Down 3-0 after a kick-in-the-balls loss it would have been easy for a lot of teams to fold up the tent but these guys fought their *** off. I also...
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    Those 2 fouls on Rudy tonight...

    Love you, Rudy.
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    ESPN Tip Off Power Rankings

    http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/24813839/projecting-best-worst-cases-toughest-stretches-all-30-teams 1. GSW 2. Boston 3. Toronto 4. Houston 5. Utah Toronto > Houston is an interesting take. Oh, and Hayward can eat my butt.
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    Deepest Jazz team since...?

    PG - Ricky, Dante, Raul SG - Donovan, Royce, Alec, Grayson SF - Ingles, Sefolosha PF - Derrick, Crowder, Jonas* C - Rudy, Ekpe*, Tony B. *if guaranteed Formidable, flexible, and deep. With a full squad, we'll have some damn good players getting DNP-Inactives. I continue to be extremely...
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    Great quotes from Donovan Mitchell workout

    Donovan Mitchell discusses decision to work out: The most intriguing player to work out on Saturday was Louisville sophomore guard Donovan Mitchell, as many are projecting he’ll be off the board by the time the Jazz’s first pick comes at No. 24. So why did the combo guard come to Salt Lake...
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    Alec Burks

    Is he alive? Is there any updated timetable on his return? I no longer factor him into long-term plans, but for this season alone, if we could add a serviceable Burks and healthy George Hill back to this rotation, watch out.
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    Rudy is a God

    Discuss. Never thought he'd play at this level offensively.
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    George Hill - WTF

    It is flat-out bizarre how much we suck without him. Seriously - is he THAT good? We're dominant with him, and couldn't beat your local CYO team without him.
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    Projected Roster

    Looks like Neto, Pleiss, and Lyles will all be signed, perhaps as early this week. Updated depth chart: PG - Exum, Burke, Neto SG - Burks, Hood SF - Hayward, Ingles PF - Favors, Lyles, Jerrett (I believe he's on a guaranteed deal) C - Gobert, Pleiss That's 13 right there - spots are filling up...
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    2014-2015 Outlook?

    Obviously the offseason is not over, but realistically we won't be adding any major free agents (more likely one-year rentals on expiring deals). PG - Burke, Neto SG - Burks, Exum, FA SF - Hayward, Hood, FA PF - Kanter, Evans C - Favors, Tomic, Gobert Unbelievable how young this roster...
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    Draft day Big Board

    Alright kids. 1-10, rank them. Who you got? 1. Andrew Wiggins - best talent in the draft after Embiid's injury. Otherworldly athleticism. Hasn't even begun to pull it all together but could be an all-timer if he does. 2. Jabari Parker - he'll get you 25 a night, is a stand-up guy, and will...
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    Interesting Lakers trade scenario

    https://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/11128345/nba-teams-gear-runs-lebron-james-carmelo-anthony LA wants LeBron and Melo and are looking to deal the #7 pick along with Steve Nash's expiring $10M deal to free up cap space to offer them each $16M. On one hand, helping the Lakers get LeBron...
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    Most likely draft targets

    I was thinking through some of these scenarios earlier this morning. Give me your top 3-5 most likely draft targets in order of descending likelihood, and elaborate on how we get them: 1. Dante Exum - Vonleh's stock seems to be squarely on the rise, and by multiple accounts he is now...
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    Larry K

    Does anyone know if Larry K has pro aspirations? As a Ute fan, I'd love to see him on the hill as long as possible. He is a hell of a coach. But if he were to get snatched up, I'd love to see him on the sidelines for the Jazz. He's a mountain guy, played in the NBA, did an admirable job...