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    Someone is a

    Generational defender...and it ain't Bem Simmons.. Ben Simmons is a good defender. After watching clips he is really good at defense...but he still he.does not occupy space as well.as Rudy. I have not seen Ben freeze two players at once like Rudy does. What Ben does well is move around the...
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    The Jazz are frauds..

    It is fools gold. Teams have cracked the code and the team has crumbled.
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    Joe Ingles must start over Gobert

    Gobert has been the one consistently part of the slow starts. Ingles has not and he has a better net rating and 3 point shot. The Jazz could play 5 out too. And the team would be more balanced with Gobert coming off the bench which also solves the Favors issue.
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    Latest Mitchell Athletic Article is...

    a good read. I recommend it.
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    This year's Jazz team will be

    An option in video games for historically great NBA teams for decades to come.
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    Bojan is a poor man's....

    Niang. :)
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    Is it common...

    To have a really good team like the Jazz have most of their good players with such low picks? I have heard that you have a lottery pick to have a small chance at a starter...but the vast majority of the Jazz is compromised super bad draft position picks? Are the Jazz doomed, because these...
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    Sometimes suprises about race stereotypes are humurous

    I nominate this as the Jazz 2020 theme song. It fits with Covid and race. Whether you are a mother or whether you are a brother..you are staying alive. . This is genuinely funny and wholesome. Can we have more of this and less of the hate?
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    To Rudy

    I really appreciate your as a player. I can relate to not being appreciated and working hard. The truth is, the NBA ultimately pays you and the franchise is just a locality setup to try win a championship. You can easily get handsomely rewarded wherever you go in the NBA. I really hope it is...
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    Georges Niang Dramatic Defensive Plays +/- 2 Tonight Against the Clippers

    Would you go over or under on that?
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    If the Jazz don't resign JC then..

    I would go with Jarrell Brantley. Now hear me out. He does really well with the ball in his hands. He moves with power and finesse. He has a scoring touch and with three point shooters around him he could move the ball. think Brantley would be a great number one option off the bench or six...
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    I believe it takes 20 years to become a master in the field in the field....so the best value for a player based on this theory would be..

    RJ Hampton. He started playing basketball at age 3. I believe in 4 years he would be an effortless genius at basketball based on the 20 year experience to rewire the human brain.
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    A Giant versus a Fly

    If a giant and a fly could play basketball against he each other, what characteristics would each one need to beat each other The Fly: 1. The fly would need to be outrageously skilled. It would need to anticipate what is happening. It would need fantastic instincts. And it would need...
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    Jarell Brantley's Pizza Video

    This is a fun cooking video from J.B. Kids eat free!
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    Gobert's shot is so slow because...

    Gobert's shot is so slow because of his long arms. He takes the time to put his arms to the square that it actually takes seconds to take a shot. Maybe, Gobert should just forget creating good form and just shoot it quickly with bad form - he might make more shots that way.
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    Donovan should temporarily change his number in remembrance of George Floyd

    He should change it temporarily from 45 to 46 (8 minutes and 46 seconds) in remembrance of the George Floyd's death. I think people would be touched and impacted.
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    The Jazz got walloped by a team that was built to beat the Warriors..

    Why are the Rockets the Jazz's kryptonite? We don't use Rudy enough in the offense when they go small, so he becomes a liability. Our point guard is not Steph Curry. We are not athletic enough. And the only better than the Warriors is that Mitchell is superior than Klay Thompson. But shooting...
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    Why not Bolomboy?

    He has an opt out clause in his contract with CSKA. He can play the 4 and 5 (and can guard some 3). Has a decent 3pt shot. Decent in the pick roll and can do lobs. He would be great with Joe Ingles in the second unit. We have TB if it is a disaster and can play alongside TB if needed. I...
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    Rumor has it that Kuzma is available...

    Would the Jazz be interested?
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    I wish we had drafted him instead of Grayson Allen

    I was super high on him during the draft. Sign...what could have been....