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    Quotes from around the NBA on Gobert's block of Jokic's hook shot

    How ESPN didn't learn this lesson last summer is beyond me, regardless of Lakers' audience draw.
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    JazzAvenues is back!!

    And I get a little quiet time to myself.
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    Quotes from Rockets' forums-"The Jazz are jerks for making those threes."

    I was very disappointed there were no blinding uniforms comments. A totally demoralized fan base.
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    Internet trouble. Will post quotes tomorrow

    Reporting live: Internet is on this morning. Was asleep so can't vouch for JA. But I have never known him to lie. And I'm sure the quotes will be posted...soon.
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    Wow. Thank you!

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    Quotes from Heat forums-"oh my god i wanna cut my d*** off watching this"

    He doesn't have to play as many minutes and I bet that is making a difference in both his energy level and the strategy. I think he has always had it as a part of his game. Now it's just a bigger part.
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    Wow. Thank you!

    Now that would be something.
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    Wow. Thank you!

    Hey, JazzFanz JA fans: You’ve been Jingled! I grew up in NH, a diehard Celtics fan, and wore #20 in college. So, there was really no question what I would do with your most generous gift. Relax, just kidding. Seriously, I am touched beyond measure at your generosity, as is JA. And I am looking...
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    So, now it's finally official...

    He just got promoted, actually: Director of Jazz Quotes. He’s self-employed, so his boss is very supportive. [emoji6][emoji854]
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    Flowers for JazzAvenue's wife (yes this is serious)

    If you have joint account, you can only have one Venmo account on it. Anti-fraud measure, I guess, but tremendously annoying.
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    Comments from around the league on Shaq's disrespect of Spida in the post-game interview

    Aight. So impressed by Spida's poise and respectful shade.
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    Quotes fromn the Suns' forums

    He had a ton of assists in not too many minutes, that’s for sure. I wasn’t referring to the quality of his play, more the way he annoys other teams, which weren’t as on display.
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    Quotes fromn the Suns' forums

    TBH there wasn’t much Joe being Joe to comment on last night. Clarkson even took his headband. I look forward to more Joe as the season gets rolling.
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    Quotes from the Heat's forums-"Nunn needs to stop trying to drive on that goddamn giant"

    I wondered the same thing. The powder-puff blue seems most deserving of the comment.
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    JazzAvenues is back in business!

    [emoji322] [emoji322]
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    Quotes from Nets' forums-"God damn Rudy is a huge human being."

    Is Andy Larsen taking note of @JazzAvenues? "The Nets, in their postgame quotes, seemed almost in awe of the Jazz." https://www.sltrib.com/sports/2020/01/15/jazz-nets-analysis-by/
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    Quotes from Nets' forums-"God damn Rudy is a huge human being."

    You have hit the nail on the head!
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    Quotes from Nets' forums-"God damn Rudy is a huge human being."

    That makes some sense. But it's still hard to see the players.