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    Matt Thomas - Matty Ice

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    Bogie fighting Bogie

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    Joe Ingles should start over Bogie

    Bogie TOs and lack of D is killing us.
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    Schedule: Oni, Shaq, Morgan - Time to Play

    With the back to back and then the Eastern trip: 4 games in 6 nights, 7 games in 11 nights, 2 more back to backs... We better start getting some use out of our depth. We need contributions from Oni, Morgan, Niang and maybe Elijah.
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    Gobert - Wow

    These Jazz - Thunder clips really show the impact Gobert is having. We are so lucky he is with the Jazz. I would hate to play against him.
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    Jazz vs Thunder - Player Efficiency

    Positive Efficiency: Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks Negative Efficiency: Missed Shot Attempts + Turnovers I have to admit that I intentionally included Jazz DNP players just to add emphasis to Niang's contribution tonight.
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    Give Elijah some playing time

    Bogie and Donovan don't have confidence in their shot. Give Hughes some PT
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    Jazz vs Timberwolves - Player Efficiency

    Very frustrated with the loss. I thought our team had the benefit of the veteran players and continuity from last year to avoid these type of losses. But, we just seem to always have these games. I was just trying to get a better feel for the players contributions positive and negative...
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    Jazz trade with Knicks

    Jazz get 27 and 38 from Knicks in return for the Jazz pick at 23
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    New Unis?

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    Conley Benched

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    PJ Tucker for the win!!!

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    Are we just not a very good team?

    It seems like it has been a while before everyone has been on the same page. Players are having turns at not really being at their best. Conley had his turn Mitchell - DEN Gobert, Royce - POR Is this just a bad run against good teams that we can't compete with if everyone is not at their...
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    Utah BB - Unrelated to Jazz but had to post

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    Trade Deadline Moves

    And we are off and running. To Minnesota: Allen Crabbe To Atlanta: Jeff Teague, Treveon Graham
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    Kawhi to Clippers: Quotes from Teams involved

    Couldn't wait for JazzAvenues so here are some quotes to get us by. Lakers Quotes Paul George traded to clippers now...holy **** paul george to the clippers wtf ****. i wish we would’ve picked up Jerry West ‍♂️‍♂️ immediate thought, "He's ****ing done it again." (Holy ****. I'm so rattled.)...
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    Trade Deadline Contest - Free Jazz / Sun Tickets

    I have 2 free tickets to the game tonight. (Upper bowl Sec 112 Row 12 Seat 1&2) Center court, good tickets The person that gives the best description of waiting on the Jazz to make a trade move gets the tickets.
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    Neto should be starting - He is our Most effective PG

    It was painful watching Rubio and Dante tonight. Neto is so much more consistent and has fewer spasms where he throws the sloppy turnover. He also can hit more jumpers than Ricky "O fer" Rubio. Dante was a complete waste on the court tonight. Neto would at least have some stabililty at the...