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    We play a game in two hours thread.

    Thunder, 7pm Clarkson, Royce, Ingles out. If we don’t see Hughes we riot.
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    Elijah Hughes to the Jazz

    #Lockewatch is dead. Woodard was never the target.
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    Is there any way to get an old profile pic back?

    When I first got the board so many years ago someone gave me a great avatar that I can't find anywhere on the internet. Is there any kind of archive where I can get it back? Sick of this Baby Yoda ish. It was the dog with the 'like a boss' shirt on, if that rings any bells or helps. Thanks,
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    Jazz - Nuggets: Round 1

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    Donovan Mitchell Analysis - Rookie Year Clips - Mostly Just a Bunch of Questions

    Just something I was thinking about a bit lately. And figure I would pose it to the smarter people around here. I think we all remember Mitchell's rookie year, and how much fun it was. And looking back with rose colored glasses is absolutely a thing. I want to make this very obvious: Mitchell is...
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    Current players who will have their jersey retired

    Which numbers will never be worn again? 27 & 45 feel like locks. 2 seems more and more likely. Dark horse candidates?
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    Lakers @ Jazz (7:00pm MTN)

    No more injury reports as game threads. Lakers are on a Rocky Mountain B2B and already got one in Denver last night. Jazz are desperate and back home. This needs to be a win. Ingles starts for Conley, yea? Go Jazz
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    Ed Davis available tonight. (Game Thread)

    Let’s not lose in Memphis again.
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    Jazz @ Grizzlies 6:00pm (MST) on ESPN

    Bringing it back. Mike Conley's homecoming, long *** ovation incoming. Hope he has a good game. Exum's return to the land of the living? Will sciences greatest miracle take the court today? Can't think of any good reason to lose this one. So let's not. Go Jazz
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    Bucks @ Jazz 7:00pm(MST)

    Let the juju continue. On paper I like this one more than the last. But I think all of us here are familiar with the concept of sports. This game in SLC last year was my favorite of the year. But Gobert got slapped around by Giannis and no more Favors to save the day. Will be interesting to...
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    Sixers @ Jazz 11/6/19 7:00pm(MST)

    Let's keep it simple. I'm not one for game threads but let's see if there's any juju here. Lots to consider for this one. On paper I think Philly is a terrible match-up for us, can totally see us getting our **** kicked in. BUT Though the Jazz schedule hasn't been anything crazy. They have...
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    Jazz Sign Miye Oni

    Officially signed, not a 2-way contract. So looks like we might have our final 15 Conley/Exum/Mudiay/NWG Mitchell/O'Neale/Oni Bojan/Ingles/Howard Green/Niang Gobert/Davis/Bradley Still a couple 2 way contracts to be handed out, and Tony Jones says we might sign another guy to compete with...
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    Tobias Harris

    There are enough whispers to have a thread for the dude. Philly will hopefully be eliminated on Sunday. Jimmy Butler has been great and I'd be shocked if he wasn't offered the max from the Sixers. On the same note, I can't imagine Harris getting the max after a second round exit, and he didn't...
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    PoS fan who harassed Westbrook

    We won’t be shaking any stereotypes anytime soon. Terrible look. If Trump turns this dude into a martyr that would be such a terrible look for the team. Has since made his account private.
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    Grayson to the Stars.

    react accordingly
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    Royce is our stretch 4.

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    Spurs @ Jazz - 3pm

    No one else did it. Gotta win 1 of these next two before the break, and this is much more likely. Winning both would be great too. Thabo is available. Here’s your team for the year, root for them.
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    Max Space this Summer!

    Make predictions on who we don't get.
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    Jaylen Brown

    Nice big wing defender who has to be respected from deep. Unhappy with his role, bad fit on his current team, tons of talent. All time low trade value (still a hefty price I’m sure). What would it take? Are you interested? What do the Celtics want? Discuss.
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    Come here for an angry laugh

    Just read this description Remember this kind of **** when you hear ‘stories’ about teams you don’t watch and follow as obsessively as the Jazz. I’m not gonna listen. But this gas bag obviously has no idea about the situation in Utah.