1. Chris-L

    Matt Harpring apprectiation thread

    I love this guy. **** the haters. He's done nothing but improve since his rookie season. He has yet to reach his ceiling. We are lucky, Utah.
  2. Chris-L

    Buying Jazz Tickets.

    I'm planning on going to my first Jazz game towards the end of the season. What's the best way to buy tickets? I've seen a lot of people who seem to sell tickets on commission for the Jazz, is that the way to go?
  3. Chris-L

    Food Pron.

    yup. <3 u CT. great idea.
  4. Chris-L

    Am I wrong?

    Need some impartial input. Me and my wife sat down today to discuss how we are gonna handle our divorce, divide up all of our things etc. She has been in college for the last 5 years, and has racked up like 50k$ in school debt. She wants me to help pay that back. I don't think that's fair. I get...
  5. Chris-L


    I think my marriage is over. Never gone through this before. Trying to raise 4 kids on a single income I have absolutely no money for a lawyer. Been married 5 years and live in Utah. Is this something we can do on our own? I think we can figure out money and custody on our own, and would like to...
  6. Chris-L

    Pool Maintenance

    Anyone ever owned a pool and did their own maintenance? Or worked for a pool cleaning service? New to this and need a few pointers with mine.
  7. Chris-L


    Harpring. Rookie year I couldn't stand him, hyper, stupid, obnoxious. 2nd year was a little better, but still I could take him or leave him. This year I am really starting to like the guy. Calm, objective perspectives. Speaks as a former NBA player and a former Jazzman. Maybe it;s the whip cream...
  8. Chris-L

    Yup, unicorns are awesome!

  9. Chris-L

    editing posts

    if im not mistaken, there seems to be a window in which you edit posts without the post being tagged as edited. i often post stupid **** that im ashamed of. it would be handy to know how much time i have to change it before people realize that i realized im a moran. anyone know?
  10. Chris-L

    not the official record prediction thread

    dont see one yet. wtf bros? someone get on this. £¥£
  11. Chris-L

    Alec Burks Alley-oop vs Clippers

    I was debating starting a thread about favors minutes, the presidential race, or this. It was an easy choice. An awesome play that deserves its own thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hEoC8kd2_I&feature=player_embedded
  12. Chris-L

    @ PKM, Stoked, Zulu, Nightmare5647567451149, any other STG'ers with kids.....

    We're doing a Birthday Party/Halloween party for my girls this coming weekend. They are turning 6 & 8 years old. Party is probably gonna be saturday, maybe sunday, around 2-4 pm in bloomington hills. My girls don't have a lot of friends and we would love as many kids as possible to come...
  13. Chris-L

    The official HeavenHarris haters apology thread.

    Your boys been playing some serious ball lately. Glad to have him (and you) here and hope he keeps it up.
  14. Chris-L

    Kings @ Jazz 3/30/12 7pm MT GAME THREAD

    The lack of effort put into the last few game threads is insulting, come on guys. GO JAZZ!!! THE OPPONENT VS OUR UTAH JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Chris-L

    Warriors @ Jazz Sat. 3/17 7pm (mt) GAME THREAD

    I'm gonna make this since I know most people here want the Jazz to lose this one. Not me though, sorry, I just can't do it.... GO JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VS!!! No, not you!! No, Not you either!! That's better!! Not sure who this is, but it popped up...
  16. Chris-L

    Utah Jazz @ Dallas Mavericks Friday 1/27 6:30pm (MT)

    Time for some payback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The opponent: Versus our Utah Jazz: And let's not forget our favorite commentator: Here's to hoping Favors shows that **** Dirk what's up. GO JAZZ...
  17. Chris-L


    Is tomorrow's scrimmage going to be televised/streamed anywhere? I'm not going to drive 4 hours, but would love to be able to see it. Anyone know?
  18. Chris-L


    So I started watching NHL since the lockout sucks. Seen about 10 Avalanche games now. It's hard for me to get into though, doesn't feel as exciting as basketball. Maybe I just need more time to get to know the players better. Any hockey fans here? How do you think it compares to basketball as...
  19. Chris-L

    Memo signs with Turkish team.

    https://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/sports/52536184-77/lockout-okur-fleisher-jazz.html.csp I'm excited to see him play again, see what kind of condition he is in, The article says he's pretty much 100%. Can any of our Turkish members tell me if there will be a way to watch these games when they...
  20. Chris-L


    Is anyone else as stoked about the new season of Sons of Anarchy as I am?!?! One of my favorite (and only) shows on TV, so excited for the new season :D!!!