1. Bronco70

    MLB 2016

    4-1 SF Giants come back for the second game in a row to dash the Dodgers, this time breaking up a no hitter in the 8th. I'm liking this offense so far. Also, MLB Extra Innings sometimes won't give me the Giants feed of the game (always vs Rockies and D-Backs, bleh...) so I have to listen to...
  2. Bronco70

    How did I get here?

    For some reason, I'm able to get in this forum at the moment. It was not intentional, I just noticed that I was seeing recent post info on the forum list. So I clicked in, and here I am. I was not invited, so I haven't poked around, and I will leave as soon as I'm done with this post...
  3. Bronco70

    Okay, I'm in Denver, now what?

    I have the Rockies v Giants game tomorrow, but what to do tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday. I'm downtown, about 15th and Champa. Where should I go. No, I'm not looking for any weed.
  4. Bronco70

    Best/Worst song covers...

    Inspired by Moe's bad song thread, I want to know what song covers you love and hate. As franklin pointed out, Dolly Parton did a hideous STH cover. Also, I've always disliked Social Distortion's Ring of Fire cover. Good covers (IMO) include The Ataris - Boys of Summer, The Clash - I...
  5. Bronco70

    Mormons and the Word of Wisdom

    First off, I would like to respectfully request that this thread doesn't derail/devolve into an argument about the truthfulness or accuracy of the LDS faith, God, or organized religion in general. That has been discussed ad nauseum in multiple other threads. My intent is not to question the...
  6. Bronco70

    Salt Lake City ranked 2nd worst dressed

    This doesn't surprise me, but I wonder how much NUMBERICA's skinny jean cutoffs are skewing the results. Edit: Oops, link: https://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=20668013&title=salt-lake-city-ranked-2nd-worst-dressed-in-nation&s_cid=featured-5
  7. Bronco70

    Another Utahn on The Voice?

    I enjoyed The Voice last season, and decided to watch it again. It was okay. I had to back up and re-watch the previews for tomorrow's show. I'm pretty sure I saw Neal Middleton, the singer from Royal Bliss. I'm a huge Royal Bliss fan, so I am excited. Today's group was okay, I was most...
  8. Bronco70

    "New" Pink Floyd

    Pink Floyd will release lost recordings https://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=1011&sid=15517265 This excites me.
  9. Bronco70

    No more circumcision in SF?

  10. Bronco70

    Washington v. BYU

    Since nobody bothered to put together a game thread, I thought I would share my thoughts on this game. I realize the ramblings of a Utah fan are probably unimportant to the BYU faithful, but...oh well. For the most part, I thought BYU looked pretty good. I was impressed by two players in...
  11. Bronco70

    One evening in Podunk...

    So, after a long day of driving, still hundreds of miles from my home, I decide it would be wise to pull off and get some rest. I find this little town called Podunk. Not much to it, but I figure, hey, I only need a place to sleep. So I check into this dingy little motel. No TV, no AC. I...
  12. Bronco70

    Perfect Albums

    My boss and I were having a discussion about how digital music has changed the music industry, and it sidetracked into an inventory of our favorite albums. But I don't want to know what your favorite albums are. I am curious about the albums that you consider the most complete; albums you...