1. mellow

    Game Thread: Blazers at Jazz, Wednesday March 18 7pm

    Att sports is replaying old Jazz games. Tonight Jazz versus Blazers from November 2017. Go Jazz
  2. mellow

    2020 Playoff Race

    With 24 games remaining the Jazz are in 6th place with a 36-22 record. If the playoffs started today the Jazz would play the LA Clippers. Jazz remaing schedule difficulty is ranked 18th. Last season at this time the Jazz were 34-26 and in 6th place. In 2018 the jazz were 31-31 and in 11th...
  3. mellow

    Game 30: Jazz at Heat. Monday Dec 23, 2019 at 5:30 pm mtn

    The 18-11 Jazz are riding a 5-game winning streak that has cemented them into 6th place in the west. The surprising Heat are 21-8, sitting at 3rd in the east. The Heat score 112.7 ppg, and give up 107.4 ppg. The Jazz score 107.4 ppg and give up 106.3 ppg. Mike Conley is out for the Jazz...
  4. mellow

    Santa's Wish List-Utah Jazz 2019 edition

    Jolly old Saint Nicholas, Lean your ear this way, Don't you tell a single soul What I'm going to say. Christmas Eve will soon be here, Now you dear old man, Whisper what you'll bring to us, Angry Utah Fans. When the clock is striking twelve, When I'm fast asleep, Down the chimney with your...
  5. mellow

    Game 28: The Jazz visit Atlanta December 19, 2019 5:30pm mtn

    Jazz are 6th in the west at 16-11 Hawks are 15th in the east at 6-22 Go Jazz. Jazz have the 28th hardest remaining schedule, in large part because they still face Atlanta twice.
  6. mellow

    Game 27: Orlando at Jazz vs Manheim Steamroller.

    No game thread 10 minutes after game starts. I guess Manheim wins.
  7. mellow

    Game 26. Warios at Jazz. As Jazzfanz interest wains.

    Game starts at 7. Go Jazz.
  8. mellow

    R.I.P. Milt Palacio....or not.

    It was circulated on twitter that former Jazzman Milt Palacio was hit and killed by a car in Toronto. He is an assistant coach in the g league for the Long Island Nets. Fortunately, the team says he is fine. Milt played two seasons in Toronto before joining the jazz for the 2005-2006 season...
  9. mellow

    2019 Draft Combine

    Combine is set to take place May 15-19. The invite list is expected to be released May 4th. (Those are not the picks you're looking for?) Portsmith has already happened (its not dead yet). Lottery happens May 14. Withdraw Deadline is May 29. Draft is June 20. Jazz Workouts: May 8 Tyus...
  10. mellow

    Game #76. Wizards at Jazz 7pm mtn

    Wizards are without Wall, they traded Oubre and Porter. Beal will play tonight. Jabari will also play but he will be limited to offensive possesions only. Go Jazz.
  11. mellow

    Game #60 Clippers at Jazz Feb 27,2019 7pm

    Jazz 33-26 Clippers 34-28 Go Jazz.
  12. mellow

    Game 58: Jazz at Thunder, Feb 22 7:30pm mtn

    It feels like forever since the Jazz played last. Thunder have won the first two meetings and are favored by 4.5.ar tonight. Markief Morris could play his first game with the Thunder. They signed him after he was traded from Washington and waived. It was first reported that Exum was ready...
  13. mellow

    Hawks at Jazz...or Rudy's Revenge 7pm

    Hawks are in SLC to play a game against the Jazz. Rudy just found out he was not named an all-star. His mom cried, Rudy cried and twitter mocked him. The hawks are 4-6 in their last 10. Jazz are 8-2.
  14. mellow

    2019-2020 Ticket Price Increase

    Today the Jazz announced increases in the season ticket pricing for 2019-2020 season. In their ever-quest to be decidedly average, Jazz management decided their prices were below average and bumped the upper bowl by as much as 40%. Some of the average fans were decidedly angry. I haven't...
  15. mellow

    Game 31--Jazz at Houston. (allegedly)

    Game starts at 6pm Mtn. Maybe it is tomorrow?
  16. mellow

    Game #29--The Decidedly Average Jazz host the Miami Heat. 7pm Mtn.

    Here is an average game thread, started by an average Jazz fan and average Jazzfanz poster. I'd post a picture of an average girl, but that seems too ambitious for the average guy. Go jazz.
  17. mellow

    Game #25 Spurs at Jazz

    Yeah! Tankathon gives this game, which starts at 7:00 pm, a 75.4 rating. Jazz are just 0.5 games ahead of the Spurs in the standings. Spurs have players who can make mid-range shots, and their last game was kind of the anti-Jazz. "San Antonio shot 60 percent from the field and was a...
  18. mellow

    Jazz Free Agency Summer of 2018

    Jazz have 11-players under contract, Grayson Allen makes 12. Neto, Jerebko and Exum makes 15. Jazz will have 128 Million with salary and cap holds. On Draft night Lindsey said Jazz want Derek and Dante back. Unless there is some trading I don't expect much to happen.
  19. mellow

    Discussion leading up to game 4, but certainly NOT a game thread

    Was looking for place to look forward to the next game and back to the disappointment of game 3. But this is not a game thread.
  20. mellow

    2018 Draft order

    Jazz finished in a four way tie for 20th with Indiana, OKC and New Orleans. In a two way tie they flip a coin to determine the draft order. How will they determine the draft order for a four way tie?