1. Ron Mexico

    NBA Top Shot

    Is anyone here buying or collecting these? I just got started and got my first pack recently which had a few Jazz players in it. I bought a bunch of Jazz players for cheap a few weeks ago and I am going to hold on to them. They could jump in price if we win big in the playoffs. I bought probably...
  2. Ron Mexico

    Who of our 2nd round picks ends up the best NBA player?

    Ill include Juwan Morgan and an other option for other players we might bring into summer camp that went undrafted.
  3. Ron Mexico

    Moving to China

    Im moving to China in a couple months for 1-3 years. Anyone have experience living there? Any tips?
  4. Ron Mexico

    Newer study on Racism

    Since this topic was all over the Jazz board I thought I would put this study in here that I found very interesting. A lot of people including myself think that wage inequality and was more of an issue than racism and the reason for a lot of things we point out as racist. This study shows that...
  5. Ron Mexico

    ROY of the year Race

    I wanted to respond to someone in a Mitchell thread but I didnt want to sully it with Simmons name anymore. Plus Simmons name does not belong in the Jazz forum so I thought I would move any discussion comparing these two ROY candidates here. Both are great players and the race seems very...
  6. Ron Mexico

    The Rose Appreciation Thread

    We had our ups and downs together Derrick but in the end I am hopeful we as fans can remember your time here with Rose colored glasses. Wish you all the luck in your future endeavors. We will always consider you one of us. I probably wont be watching, so ill just assume the best. Please...
  7. Ron Mexico

    Food prices at Sporting Events.

    I have long complained about how expensive food and beer are at sporting events. I have always said I would spend more if it was reasonably priced. When I go to the Jazz games I usually get a beer but its $10 so I am probably not going to get more than the one. But if they were $5 I would buy...
  8. Ron Mexico

    Utah Jazz (5-6) vs Miami Heat (5-6) Tonight! 11/10/20117 7pm MST

    Jazz are ready to turn things around. They are back home and motivated. After getting some good practice in and some good rest they got this. Ill put my good luck game threads on the line for this one. My game threads are 4-0 this year and about to be 5-0. Jazz are undefeated when I make a...
  9. Ron Mexico

    Utah Jazz vs Portland Trailblazers Tonight at 7pm MST 11/1/2017

    The home streak continues! Jazz are now 4-0 at home! Soon to be 5-0. Along with my game thread streak! Time to get started right for November. This is our easiest month of games and we need to dominate this month. The key matchup tonight: VS Can Rubio keep up his pesky defense and slow...
  10. Ron Mexico

    Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks Monday 10-30-17 @ 7pm MST

    Dallas Mavericks: POINTS/GAME 99.6 TO/GAME 13.6 OFF RBS/GAME 40.1 FT %73.9 3PT %37.8 @ Utah Jazz: POINTS/GAME 94.5 TO/GAME 19.2 OFF RBS/GAME 41.5 FT %79.2 3PT %33.3 Game Date: October 30, 2017 7:00 PM MST SPREAD MONEY LINE OVER/UNDER DAL +7.5 +260 192 UTAH -7.5 -295...
  11. Ron Mexico

    Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers 7pm MST 10/28/2017

    Jazz (2-3) return home to battle the Lakers(2-3)! These guys are going to put some pride on the line and get back to winning at home. Jazz are undefeated at home so far but the Lakers have yet to lose on the road in their 1 game. Somethings got to give! Its time to revenge the loss of their...
  12. Ron Mexico

    US voted against UN motion condemning gay death penalty

    This news story seems to be grabbing attention and seems a little crazy. http://www.newsweek.com/trump-administration-under-fire-voting-against-un-motion-condemning-gay-death-677412 There are plenty of links if you prefer a different source. The US department clarified that they voted...
  13. Ron Mexico

    Melo traded to OKC for Enes and McDermott

    Looks like Enes is off to pair up with Porzingis on a crappy team. OKC is trying to make big moves to compete. I dont see this making them better, but who knows. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/20793120/new-york-knicks-agree-trade-carmelo-anthony-oklahoma-city-thunder
  14. Ron Mexico

    Gobert/Rubio best PG combo since S&M?

    Do you think that Gobert and Rubio will become our best duo since Stockton and Malone? I think they are both going to play very well off each other. Gobert has never really had PG that can get him the ball properly. Rubio will love having a big that creates as much space as Gobert does in...
  15. Ron Mexico

    Question for Dog Lovers

    I am not quite sure what to do with my dog and thought maybe writing about it would help and who knows maybe one of you has some good advice. Ill get this out of the way first. I love my dog just as much as any person and a lot more than most people. Money is somewhat of an issue(bad timing)...
  16. Ron Mexico

    Neg me or Rep me so you can Rep @JazzAvenues

    Neg or Rep me I dont care which one just use this so you can positive Rep JazzAvenues as much as possible. The post game comments are the best thing ever and take a ton of work do dig through. Everyone should Positive Rep them as much as possible. Those threads are the best addition to Jazzfanz.
  17. Ron Mexico

    New SLC Homeless Shelters

    Looks like SLC announced where they are opening up 4 new homeless shelters in SLC neighborhoods. https://www.sltrib.com/home/4654207-155/salt-lake-city-selects-four-sites They are shutting down the large and at capacity road home shelter. Due to what seems like business pressure(gateway...
  18. Ron Mexico

    Random Jazz Stats!

    I love lots of different stats for the Jazz as do a lot of people on here. I thought I would post some that I was looking at today and see if others have some and keep them going this season. After seeing that the Jazz have the #1 offense and #1 defense in the 5 games Hill and Hayward played...
  19. Ron Mexico

    Fake News

    With Google and then Facebook coming out and addressing the Fake News problems that both of them are facing I wanted to see what peoples opinions are on their influence. Many people feel they altered this presidential election. Here is the quote about what Google and Facebook did to address...
  20. Ron Mexico

    Halloween Costumes?

    What are you all going as for Halloween this year? I think posting pictures would be awesome if you have any. Usually my costumes are not appropriate to post on here/NSFW but maybe 1 or 2 of them will be this year. Tonight's party I have a group of going as characters from the show Steven...