1. Bodhi

    Is there a 2020 draft thread?

    Is this the 2020 draft thread?
  2. Bodhi

    Urgent: why aren't we calling Mudiay "Manny Fresh"?

    If everyone is making a thread today, then so am I and mine if of serious importance and consequence. As a fan base we MUST continue to challenge ourselves and elevate our games. Having a guy named "Emmanuel" on our team, who is doing things the right way, taking and implementing coaching...
  3. Bodhi

    Clarkson’s championship value

    As the season goes on I’m getting more convinced keeping Clarkson past this season is imperative in our pursuit of a championship. In the past few seasons we know in the back of our minds we didn’t have enough firepower. It was Haywood or more recently Donovan who were really the only guy who...
  4. Bodhi

    Way too early prediction after 2 games

    We will have to get better at the backup 5 to really do anything this year. I can’t believe I’m typing this but Bradley may need some burn. Davis is garbage. K, I probably won’t log back in till April/draft talk time so I’ll check back on this then. love/peace
  5. Bodhi

    The case for D’Angelo Russell....

    ....someone help me make it. I legit have no idea what kind of money he will be looking for, or if after LA/BK he would want to be here. But, I feel he’s the type of free agent that is sorta in our wheelhouse (thinking Boozer/Memo style of picking them up at the right time on a true breakout...
  6. Bodhi

    Who knows anything about Georges Niang?

    Selling the 2nd round pick signals want to keep room open for guys like him possibly. Is he legit 6’8”, 230lbs as listed? Who’s watched him? Dude seems to be able to shoot, rebound and facilitate. Interesting.
  7. Bodhi

    Hey Cy....

    ....I have some Otto Porter question/thought vomit I’d like you to respond to: -I don’t think Washington rolls out that team, as is, again. So that leaves anyone not named Beal or Wall available, IMO. -Does Porter have more “meat on the bone” if he were to be on a team without those two? -I...
  8. Bodhi

    Utah Throat Standerzz

    Utah Mother ****erzz Utah Fish Hookerzz Utah Junk Yard Dawgzz Etc We keep talking about living in no man's land and even as far as saying the Jazz have no chance of winning a title with the current CBA/landscape. For fans and a franchise that's tough and leaves you in a cycle of tanking...
  9. Bodhi

    Mitchell would have been the best player on the team in 2 years anyway.

    #pleasebelievethat Making threadzz is easy and fun.
  10. Bodhi

    Gallinari deal held up until what's his name decides?

    This Gallinari deal being in a holding pattern sure seems like his camp is waiting numb nutzz decision with the thought that Utah will give him 4 years and more than the Clipzz. Am I off here?
  11. Bodhi

    **** you Enes Kanter

    I wish you nothing but the worst in life, you bitch made mother ****er. Delete the thread if you need to.
  12. Bodhi

    Open Letter To Gordon Hayward

    Gordon, Sorry about that **** I said. -Bodhi
  13. Bodhi

    This ****s fun, ya'll

    This whole season. Quin changing this teams culture and defense, G Time becoming a legit star, Rudy becoming a complete savage, Booker's energy, Favors becoming confident and consistent, Kanter not backing down against the Clippers the other night. We have no Alec Burks which is a major loss...
  14. Bodhi

    At the very least....

    .....this ****s fun again. Can I get a witness?
  15. Bodhi

    In contrast, how valuable is Favors on his contract?

    I had this thought today that with Hayward getting ~$16m, doesn't that make Favors contract an insanely valuable asset by contrast? Not that I would want to move him but with the way free agency/cap in the future is looking, it would seem to be one of the better, young assets/contracts in the...
  16. Bodhi

    Official 2014 Draft "Final Call" Thread

    So I don't remember seeing this done in the past, but this is what I'm proposing: -call your final shot for this draft for use in **** talk in the future -only one post per person so we don't have to wade through endless pages to research your next sig mocking someone's horrible talent...
  17. Bodhi

    We. Cannot. Trade. Gordon. ****ing. Hayward....

    ....before, during or immediately after the draft. Mods, please sticky.
  18. Bodhi

    Can we worm our way into a KLove 3 way?

    I dont think Minny is just going to want a **** ton of picks and nothing else for Love. Can anyone think of anything we want from either Minny or Boston that would be worth giving up a young piece for (what they will likely want in addition to picks from Boston)? I genuinely dont know, but it...
  19. Bodhi

    Russell Westbrook and the Utah Jazz

    I'm gonna spit ball here and just start a discussion. It's not like it hasn't been said before that KD and Westbrook could eventually be split up. I don't have the stats but hasn't it been said that both have, at times, been better without the other? Reggie Jackson has become very good when...
  20. Bodhi

    Coaches salaries and potential impact on small market teams

    This hit me on the way to work today and I have no numbers or hard science, so its just a working theory at this point. Here'goes: As a small market franchise its a well known fact we will always have a hard time getting name or franchise changing freeagents. The city, culture and lack of...