1. RJF

    NBA Scoring Leaders

    LeBron is less than 1800 points from overtaking Karl for second place. 943 points this season with just under half a season left. Just under 3200 from Kareem. Will he catch Kareem?
  2. RJF

    KROGER is downsizing.

    https://www.supermarketnews.com/retail-financial/kroger-cuts-hundreds-jobs-across-store-divisions I know a lot of people that work for Smith’s, one of the chains affected.
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    Post All-Star Record

    Looking at the schedule I’m saying the Jazz finish 19-6. Where in the standings that puts them is anybody’s guess.
  4. RJF

    2-5 at VSHA.

    This is an arena that opponents dreaded because they couldn’t win here. Wtf is this ****?!
  5. RJF

    Jimmy Butler

    Jimmy B wants out of Minnesota! https://www.thescore.com/news/1608928
  6. RJF

    29 DAYS

    I’m so ****ing geeked for this season! Go JAZZ! I always get excited for my favorite teams and football is usually more exciting to me but this year I’m more excited about the Jazz than I am about the Pats. GO JAZZ!!!!!
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    Has anyone on the board started over or diverged from their career after the age of 35? What were your biggest obstacles? I’ve been involved in, in one way or another, grocery retail/DSD sales since I was 17. It’s sucking the life out of me and I need a change. I’ve a few things in mind(mostly...
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    I’m going to Breaking Benjamin tonight but I’ve never attended a concert at Usana. I scored 2 tix in a suite. Is it going to be a hot motha? Like too hot to wear jeans or should I wear shorts? #firstworldproblems
  9. RJF

    Taylorsville Peeps

    Does Taylorsville City require a business license to rent out rooms/houses?
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    Banner ads

    on mobile. Can they go away? Please?
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    Seven years ago today

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    Can you imagine if we got this Burks back? https://thejnotes.com/2013/12/17/alec-burks-becoming-real-deal/
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    Trevor Booker twitter

    Did anybody see or get a screenshot of Trevor Booker's reply to Trey Lyles Twitter? The tweet is unavailable.
  14. RJF

    BrickSlopes LEGO Convention

    Saturday from 11-7 at UCCU Center(UVU) in Orem you can see some badass displays, all sorts of themes, 30,000 brick pit for the kids to build whatever they want. Kids can build a car and race it. Lots of cool vendors and LEGO! $8 dollars at the door for ages 9 and over! Children 8 and under are...
  15. RJF

    Frito Lay

    PepsiCo(Frito Lay) This change was made here in Utah 2 years ago(piloted in Phoenix area the year prior), as CEO Indra Nooyi took an 18% pay raise for a compensation package $26M/yr the majority of route sales reps took 10-20k pay cut. But hey, who cares about the frontline that is actually the...
  16. RJF

    Freddie Gray

    https://nyti.ms/2ahbj0P All charges dropped.
  17. RJF

    Geek Stuff

    If you or your kids like LEGO you should come to UVU and check it out this Friday and Saturday. https://www.brickslopes.com
  18. RJF

    Antonin Scalia

    ...found dead. https://nyti.ms/1XqvGem
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    I'ma just leave this right here. https://mweb.cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-basketball/25426570/watch-lebron-james-catches-fan-calling-him-a-crybaby-behind-his-back
  20. RJF

    Prep Football

    I'm trying to get some information about whether or not there is a cover in body for Freshman Football in Utah. The guy in charge of officials in the league my nephew plays in, coaches a team in the same league. I want to know how that isn't a conflict of interest and what can be done to change...