1. MeloTheJazzKiller

    Hey, We'll Help You Out If You Ask Nicely

    The NBA gave us the most ridiculous schedule in history. The last nine games of the season and we have to play seven of them against western conference teams during a west coast road swing. Now here's where New York can help Utah out. Three nights ago during the NFL draft you gave the NY Jets a...
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    Only Two Teams Have Won 9 In A Row This Year

    The world knows that the Knicks (second best team in NBA) have won nine in a row, but can you guess the other team that won 9 in a row this season? Believe it or not, it was the Jazz. I didn't follow that streak, but I heard that most of those wins in the Jazz streak were because of covid...
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    This Guy Alec Burks Is A Top Player

    As it stands right now, the Knicks, having won four of their last four, are the best team in the NBA. If we had played a full season this year we would have finished 82-0. The main reason why we are the best team in the NBA is Coach Thibodeau. Another reason is the guy below -- a guy named...
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    What Do Jazz Fans Feel Their Chances Are Against The Nets?

    As a Knick fan I am honest about my team. I know we are the fourth best team in the league and that there are only three teams in the league that are better than us - the Nets, the Lakers (when healthy), and the Clippers. I know that if we met either of them in a seven game series, we would most...
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    Who Would Current Jazz Fans Recognize: Karl Malone or Niang?

    Here in New York we've had another incident. The third greatest player in NBA history, Patrick Ewing, was at The Garden last night to coach his Georgetown Hoyas. A security guard did not know who he was and asked Ewing to produce papers. Ewing was upset, things got out of hand and Ewing was...
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    Quin Or Thibs: NBA Coach Of The Year?

    No fan bias, please. This question really comes down to what you believe a coach's role is: keep a top team good or make a weak team better. Let's be real, the Knicks have been awful for the past one hundred years. But we now have a top coach named Thibs who has taken this team of youngsters...
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    1-2...And The Jazz Slide Continues

    Hmmm, we heard all this talk about the Jazz being 18-1 in their last nineteen games or whatever stupid stat you guys were coming up with. Well, let's deal with reality. The Jazz are a dreadful 1-2 in their last three games. 1-2. You know who is better? The Knicks. 3-0. I would say, "See you...
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    13 - 1?

    ESPN just said that the Jazz are 13-1 in their last few games. Uhh, every basketball fan who played the game knows that the real stat is 13-2. 13-1? Why start the stat after the humiliation that the Knicks handed to the Jazz on January 6? No, the Jazz are 13-2. 13-2.
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    January 26 2021: Should The Jazz Even Be Allowed To Play The Knicks?

    Ho hum, another team gets scheduled to play us - this time it was the team with the second best record in the entire league - and we murderlize them. Just look below at the final score. (For you troubled with math, 105 - 75 = 30. Yup, we slaughtered the second best team in te league by 30...
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    Alec Burks Starts For Knicks

    First Knick game since we won the Championship back on March 11th 2020. Our starting lineup has a guy you used to have - Alec Burks. Yes, Burks earned the start and I have to say, he is playing well. Why don't you Jazz hold on to good players?
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    So You Jazz Will Tank The Game Against The Spurs

    You know for a fact that Thursday night's game against the Spurs will be the biggest disgrace in sports history. The Jazz will tank the game in the most obvious ways. Conley will miss every shot, Gobert will claim he has Covid-19 again, Ingles will claim his uniform is in the wash so he has to...
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    You Jazz Don't Want To Play The New Melo

    The Los Angeles teams or the Bucks are not your obstacle to any post-season glory this year. No, it is the new and improved Melo The Jazz killer. Melo played today in a scrimmage against the Pacers and he was a monster. But the real scare for you is how Melo looks. He came into the bubble...
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    Do The Jazz Always Shoot At Bench Basket?

    MSG has been showing old Knick games and of course tons of those games are us beating the hell out of the Jazz. Aside from us humiliating you, there is something else I have noticed. NBA rules state that road teams get to choose which basket they want to shoot at for first half (and thus the...
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    I Watched The Knicks Kill The Jazz Last Night

    And we didn't even need Melo The Jazz Killer to do it (he was injured). Yup, with basketball done for the year (thanks a lot, Rudy Gobert) our MSG Network is showing us the great Knick games. We have so many of them. Last night I watched the February 6th 2012 game against the Jazz. Man, we...
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    ESPN's NBA2K Tournament Is Must See TV

    Look, I am a man's man. The only time I touched a video game was when I picked it up and threw it out the window at a friend's house. Real men don't play video games. We watch them. And ESPN has put together a goofy tournament for us real men to watch: 8 NBA guys (including Donovan Mitchell)...
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    The Knicks Are The 2019-2020 NBA Champions

    I love it when you guys here (a place with zero championships) ask me how many championships my Knicks have won. I always inform you non-sports fans that we have won two. But now it is three. We have been crowned by all sports fans the 2019-2020 NBA Champions. When Rudy Gobert single-handedly...
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    Kendrick Perkins Said Jazz Would Be #1 Seed In East

    Kendrick Perkins was on NY radio today and he said if the Jazz played in the Eastern Conference, they would be the number one seed! Perkins explained his theory by saying the Jazz would have four games against the Knicks...meaning 4 wins. Uhh, Mr. Perkins does not remember how we beat the...
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    March 4, Classic Revenge Game -- Knicks Will Be Jazz Killers

    Oh, man I have been waiting for March 4th to come more than I waited for Melo to come to NY from Denver. On March 4th the Knicks get their revenge against the Jazz. We will kill them. Count on it! BET ON IT! Here's why. It's a classic revenge game. Quick story. I can tell many of you here never...
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    "Are You Really Afraid Of Te Jazz? No!"

    The great Reggie Miller was talking about who the Lakers might meet in a conference finals. And he said this: "Are you really afraid of the Jazz? No!" Oh, man, it was the greatest thing anybody ever said since Jesus's sermon on the mount. EVERYBODY wants to play the Jazz. My Knicks play them...