1. JimLes

    Jinglin' Joe

    We need a thread to fawn over him after he was once again dismissed by a section of our fan base as washed. I could wax poetic over his passing, shooting, his pick and roll, trash-talking. I'll just get this rolling with this. Joe Ingles was first eligible for the draft in 2007. He was...
  2. JimLes

    2020/21 Utah Jazz championship train

    For Christmas, I got the jersey from my wife and the t-shirt randomly from my sister-in-law. A clearer sign from the gods you couldn't find. We are winning it all this season. So, come one, come all and get on board the Jazz championship train and hold on for dear life. It will be a hell of...
  3. JimLes

    Mid-but-kinda-off-season Jazz history video thread

    Because we've all been thinking and talking about Jazz history so we need some nice, happy Jazz videos.
  4. JimLes

    Utah Jazz top plays of the 2010s

    Just thought I'd start this thread to recognize and honour the top plays by our boys in the years 2010-2019. It's been a long 10 years, with a lot of lean years(by Jazz standards), but that doesn't mean there was no stuff to cheer about. Here are my top 5, in chronological order. Sundiata...
  5. JimLes

    Mormons don't want you calling them Mormons anymore

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/17/us/mormon-church-name-trnd/index.html Now, I was thinking before I read this that I actually do avoid saying Mormon and generally try to say LDS, but apparently, that's not cool either. I generally avoid using the word Mormon around LDS members, but have been...
  6. JimLes

    Utah Jazz 2017/2018 MVP

    Tyler Lydon has played 2 minutes this entire season. He did not register an entry in any statistical category. Donovan Mitchell has more points since this Tuesday than Trey Lyles since the season started.
  7. JimLes

    Chat log being automatically added to the game thread

    It's garbage. Can we please get rid of it? Or have a democratic poll about it? I see the point of it, but it breaks the flow of a game thread. If I wanted to see what people were saying in chat, I'd go through the trouble of clicking on it.
  8. JimLes

    Family trip to Utah in November

    So after noticing my excitement about our team throughout the preseason and after having to hear all about Donovan Mitchell and his once-and-future-kingness, my wife has decided that it's high time I attended a Jazz game. Since anyone who's ever listened to a Springsteen song knows driving is...
  9. JimLes

    A comforting and perhaps slightly terrifying stat

    Through the first 3 games of our series against the Warriors, the Jazz were outscored by an average of 11 points a game. Through the first 3 games of their series against the Warriors, the Cavs have been outscored by an average of 15.3 points a game. Even with the stinker of a 4th game the...
  10. JimLes

    NBA takes 2017 All-Star game away from the city of Charlotte

    Mods, you know this will end in a political debate, so that's why it's being posted here. https://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/17120170/nba-moving-all-star-game-charlotte-north-carolina-bill I tried looking for how much of a financial hit that will be and found this article talking about...
  11. JimLes

    Leicester City FC win the Premier League

    In case you've missed it, a wonderful story from the world of (metric) football. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2636868-leicester-win-2015-16-premier-league-highlights-reaction-title-win-breakdown Leicester City FC(pronounced Lester and generally known as the Foxes) have won the...
  12. JimLes

    Prince passed away

    As a person, perhaps he wasn't reputed to be the greatest guy, but as a musician, his impact was absolutely enormous. I got a copy of Purple Rain when I was 15 and it absolutely blew me away. One of the greatest albums of all time. I slipped the DJ at my senior prom a tenner to play the title...
  13. JimLes

    The racial makeup of Jazz fans

    To get our minds off this disaster of a season, here's an interesting infographic from a couple of years ago. It was around that time the Clippers were sold and whatnot. A few things here. Despite popular misconception, we don't have the whitest fanbase! Not only are the Wolves...
  14. JimLes

    Jazz move their D-League affiliate renamed *Salt Lake City Stars*

  15. JimLes

    Please fire Snyder and get a real coach in the summer

    You know, the kind of coach whose resume doesn't say "sat on the bench and watched great coaches." Why the **** would you give a job to someone who's never coached professional players in his life?
  16. JimLes

    Welcome to 'Murica

  17. JimLes

    Went to the mall to get some fresh Pumas...

    ...and stumbled upon these. Best day ever.
  18. JimLes

    Celtics at Jazz, 1/26/2015 7:15PM MT Game Thread

    Since no one else has started it and the game is on in 5 hours.
  19. JimLes

    Raptors at Jazz, 2/3/2014 7PM MT

    10 minutes to go and no game thread. And I get negged when I suggest most people on the board don't care about the Jazz. And in order to deflect more negs on account of a bad thread, here's a picture of Justin Bieber mesmerized by a Raptors cheerleader. His buddy is apparently mesmerized by...
  20. JimLes

    Kings at Jazz, Jan 27 2014 7pm Game Thread

    Our very own versus I think all our soldiers are battle ready, while the Kings are missing Cousins and Gay is a game time decision. https://www.sacbee.com/2014/01/26/6103806/postgame-notes-rudy-gay-makes.html Thomas had his first practice with the Jazz, and apparently had...