1. Lord Bullingdon

    Tony Bradley's 2 starts for Philly

    Seen a lot of ppl say bad things about Bradley on this forum.. This is a promising update on an exjazz 1st rd pick. Few days back Tony Bradley went 8/8 from the floor 4orebs 11 total 2stl 2 blk in 33mins in a start for Philly.. few days before that in a start vs the Kings he dropped a cool...
  2. Lord Bullingdon

    Race for the Play-in game

    At this point in the season I usually like to keep my eye on the race for the 8 seeds and in the west we've got another wacky race brewing up, plus we have these play-in games added Mavs(7th seed currently), Spurs(8th), Grizzlies, Warriors, Kings, Pelicans, Thunder are within 4 games of each...
  3. Lord Bullingdon

    Following Potential 2025 Draftees

    Born 9/10/06 meet Bagayoko Bassala from Bamako, Mali He looks to be about 6'8" already.. Seems like this player in particular has some staying power -- we'll see
  4. Lord Bullingdon

    Shaq not letting up on Gobert

    ya know, Shaq has a point... Rudy's gotta be so much better in the 2nd halves of games like what just took place with the Knicks... When the Nix started to percolate in that 3rd q i remember thinking/maybe even i posted "Rudy is gonna need to score like 25 to win this game, The nix have...
  5. Lord Bullingdon

    Exum getting to the rim in Cleveland?!

    “We talked about him being a two-way player. We talked about him putting pressure on the rim. I think we saw that tonight,” - JB Bickerstaff (cavs hc) He led this game in scoring 7/11 from the field and 6/6 from the line! +33 in 27mins
  6. Lord Bullingdon

    Edgar Berlanga Jr.

    Remember the name! hes got dynamite in his hands! 15-0 with 15 1st rd knockouts.... fights on ESPN Saturday..
  7. Lord Bullingdon

    2020 NBA predictions from 1988!

    Cliff notes •Data from 1956-1988 was progressed to come up with some of these predictions. •Players will be bigger and stronger. •Average heights: Guards will be 6’6”, Forwards will be 6’11”, and Centers will be 7’3”. •Averages: Scoring 234pts, FG 57%, FT 79% •Courts will have wider lanes...
  8. Lord Bullingdon

    G-League suggestion

    He had 21 rebounds in this game too and he's really fast end to end and also a legit 6'10. Turns 21 in a few weeks. He looks like he's been hitting the weights hard too, upper body really filled out. *****u IMO is decidedly not a G-League quality player, he's an NBA quality player that got...
  9. Lord Bullingdon

    Former Dodgers pitcher Charles Haeger, murder suspect, found dead

    Shot himself after he murdered his gf. 36 years old.
  10. Lord Bullingdon

    Nets hire Steve Nash as new head coach

    4year deal. wow. what a pull! I wonder how this affects his involvement with team Canada
  11. Lord Bullingdon

    Khamzat "The Wolf" Chimaev

    MMA fans should remember this name, he's got star power... Relentless welterweight from Chechnya. 8-0 so far and he's laying waste to competition.
  12. Lord Bullingdon

    Following Potential 2024 draftees

    Here it is... The thread you've all been at the edge of your seats waiting for... Raymond Felton's cousin Jahseem who's about 6'3" has claimed the #1 spot in every rankings you'll find. He looks pretty strong and pretty skilled to me, and shows well vs competition several years older... Really...
  13. Lord Bullingdon

    Schedule Release tonight

    Edit; See Tfivas post below for the schedule.
  14. Lord Bullingdon

    Former Jazzman hired as Pistons GM

    Utah gave Troy Weaver his first NBA job, he was the Headscout in '04-'07 and then the Director of Player Personnel in '07-'08. He's one of the reasons OKC stayed competitive while their star players fled the team.. pretty good reason to believe he's got an excellent eye for talent.. The...
  15. Lord Bullingdon


    This is literally the best video ive seen in 2020, it's just... perfect..I figure I'd share it here. Is this behavior not running WILD everywhere you look in 2020??? I guarantee you someone shows up to this thread with extremist views.
  16. Lord Bullingdon

    Kings and Grant Napear part ways over All Lives Matter comment..

    Their play-by-play guy since 1988...
  17. Lord Bullingdon

    Play-In Tourney for the 8-seed?

  18. Lord Bullingdon

    Domestic Abuse cases Up 75% in Utah County during Pandemic

    whats up with that? this is on the frontpage of reddit... https://kutv.com/news/coronavirus/utah-county-sees-75-increase-in-domestic-violence-911-calls-during-pandemic