1. JimLes

    Quotes from Nuggets' forums-"Bojan went nuclear and we just didn't have an answer for it"

    I think we can probably agree that we feel the same way about the Nuggets as their fans feel about the Jazz. I don't like them, but I can respect them. Jokić is hard to hate on any level, as a player or as a person. They also built the team by drafting and trading shrewdly, as NBA players...
  2. JimLes

    The Lakers are Going to End up as the #7 Seed

    For whom? For everyone! North American sports already have this problem where you don't win anything in regular season. All it does is determine seeding. I guess if you're talking about baseball, only a few teams make the playoffs, but this new NBA format means that 2/3 of the league make...
  3. JimLes

    The Lakers are Going to End up as the #7 Seed

    If anything, it makes games more meaningless. With so many teams making the playoffs, you don't have to try as hard. The Lakers are currently 4 games ahead of the Warriors in 9th. If there was no play-in, there'd be a real danger of them falling out of the playoffs, what with Schröder being...
  4. JimLes

    Game Thread Apr 19, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Lakers

    I love that the Jazz were 4v5 because Royce got whacked in the face, and Clarkson gets two free throws out of that.
  5. JimLes

    Game Thread Apr 19, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Lakers

    Mark Jackson: Yeah, big Mark Eaton...blocked some shots. Great to see he's earning his paycheck.
  6. JimLes

    Tucker Carlson’s Rhetoric and White Replacement Theory

    You do realize that the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist a good decade before Hitler came to power?
  7. JimLes

    Dwyane Wade buys ownership stake in Utah Jazz

    They're not irregular plurals. They're simply uncountable nouns and don't form plurals under normal circumstances.
  8. JimLes

    Dwyane Wade buys ownership stake in Utah Jazz

    The best team in the league, duh!
  9. JimLes

    A little Boler appreciation

    In the olden days, the league used to send out lists so you wouldn't call Kukoč Kookok, but nowadays, all it takes is going to basketball-reference. https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/s/satorto01.html It's spelt out phonetically, so you don't have to be a linguist(like with...
  10. JimLes

    A little Boler appreciation

    I hope not an ex-girlfriend's name. With anyone else this would be a minor blip, but Boler does this sort of stuff all the time.
  11. JimLes

    A little Boler appreciation

    Raul Neto played for the Jazz for 4 years and was on the team less than 2 years ago. Raul Lopez played for the Jazz 15 years ago and was traded a few months before Boler started doing TV broadcasts of the Jazz. If I can keep track of what players' names are and how they're pronounced, I...
  12. JimLes

    A little Boler appreciation

    He just called Neto "Raul Lopez."
  13. JimLes

    Quotes from Kings' forums-"I wish there were a way to refund league pass"

    It's been how many seasons now, and opposing fans are still acting shocked that Joe Ingles is the baddest ************* in the league.
  14. JimLes

    The Holy 7-Eleven of Joe Ingles

    Joe's shot chart this year looks like it's out of a video game.
  15. JimLes

    Jordan Clarkson in 2nd place for 6MOY

    And if anyone is going to argue that Joe's efficiency would go down significantly if he shot more, when Joe takes 8 threes or more this year, he hits them at 57%. Read that stat again.
  16. JimLes

    Jordan Clarkson in 2nd place for 6MOY

    Joe Ingles' advanced numbers are of an All-NBA player(i.e. top 15 in the league). We drafted Almond, Maynor, and Koufus in the first round the years Joe was eligible. :eek:
  17. JimLes

    Game Thread Apr 02, 2021 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Bulls

    Did Vučević post something about Rudy's mum on twitter?
  18. JimLes

    Jazz Charter Flight Engine Trouble

    Never mind that there's racism in the church today(How many members of the Quorum are black?), but even if it was true that things are different right now, it doesn't change the fact that until 1978, black people could not hold the priesthood. This isn't 100 or 200 years ago, this is in 1978...
  19. JimLes

    LAL and LAC will not be finishing 2 - 3 in the West

    I'm hoping they play AD 40 minutes a game when he comes back and run him into the ground.
  20. JimLes

    Game Thread Mar 19, 2021 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Raptors

    I could complain about this or that but the Jazz won and the Celtics lost and are under .500 right now. It's a good night in my book. Gut Shabbos.