1. freakazoid

    Bring back neg/pos

    Sorry, but I must complain about a site I've enjoyed for the most part for years. I used to post very frequently, but as of recently, I can't stand this board due to the fact I can't neg the jackasses. I'll always be a fan of Jason, but I just can't post here without being able to neg the...
  2. freakazoid

    Dennis Lindsey >>> Sam Presti

    Ok, now that the season is over, I expect a little eating of the crow. At the beginning of the season, there were quite a few posters who were building their shrines to the great Sam Presti, while at the same time wishing the Utah Jazz could have someone as competent. Don't want to name names...
  3. freakazoid

    Tech geeks must die

    Just bought my 3rd smart phone. It's been about 4-5 years since I bought my first one. On the first 2 phones I had, if you wanted to get ring tones, it was really simple. Download an app, find ring tones, install ring tones. Done. Now these mother****ers want you to swim through an ocean of...
  4. freakazoid

    Board is user unfriendly

    I used to be able to copy a tweet from realgm and paste it here. Now it doesn't work and I have no idea how to make it work. I also can't figure out how to put quotes around stuff I cut from other sources. Is there really no quote button? I've gone through them all and couldn't find it...
  5. freakazoid

    Private forums

    Ok, so I just tried to access the ugli forum. Instead of bringing up the password screen like it used to, it brought up a thread I started years ago in that forum, and when I tried to open it, it just said I couldn't access it. There is a thing where you can ask permission to join 3 other...
  6. freakazoid

    [B]Should some laws allow for flexibility? Sexual predator: Mary Kay Letourneau[/B]

    Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau, Vili Fualaau Detail Their Path From Teacher-Student Sex Scandal to Raising Teenagers By JENNIFER JOSEPH, BROOKE STANGELAND, LAUREN PUTRINO and LAUREN EFFRON 9 hours ago
  7. freakazoid

    Rudy Gets His First Endorsement Deal

    Superstar? - *The official ice cream of the Utah Jazz*
  8. freakazoid

    Is Rep A complete Joke?

    Ok, recently I've noticed that some of the worst POS posters on this site have 100 rep power, which means Rep is not to be taken seriously.(sorry, troutdude) - That's right, NewsBreaker/BluesHacker is at 100 rep power. That is proof enough for me to never want 100 rep power. - Therefore, I...
  9. freakazoid

    Elusive Goat Bear

  10. freakazoid

    If every Jazz player got into a Rochambeau contest, who would win?

    I think we've all been wondering this for some time now.
  11. freakazoid

    Are Jazz fans looking at Rudy through homer glasses?

    Ok, it's only fair to ask the question. There have been a few posters like loggrad who have suggested as much. To be fair, Rudy is going to have to stay healthy in order to prove his doubters wrong. Having said that, I present a poll of fans around the league, and if you read the responses, many...
  12. freakazoid

    Greg Miller vindication thread

    Regardless of anyone's opinion of him as a person, this guy deserves props as an owner. No doubt, there will always be people who nitpick every move that is made, and complain about not spending enough money and such. There will always be those who wish for the team to be sold to someone who has...
  13. freakazoid

    Tank Blower Upper Thread

  14. freakazoid

    Interesting article on Woj

    https://www.newrepublic.com/article/120572/adrian-wojnarowski-how-basketballs-reporting-machine-gets-his-scoops I found this to be extremely interesting and insightful as to how Woj operates.
  15. freakazoid

    Kanter fined $25,000 for being a menace

  16. freakazoid

    Unofficial Tank the F out of this B thread

    If you're not on board at this point, do us all a favor and just lay down in front of the tracks. #TankinTheFOutOfThisB
  17. freakazoid


    Didn't Lost Taco Vender use this term back in the day? Fabtrey says this, and I could swear that's an LTV word.
  18. freakazoid

    Rate coach Q

    I'm curious what we all think compared to the beginning of the season. Go.
  19. freakazoid

    Invasion of Iraq

    Back in the day, when I was a lurker on this board(seems weird that I lurked here for so long, looking back) the invasion of Iraq, and the discussion here suckered me into joining. Without getting too much into the arguments made, I argued that we would either be stuck there for 50 years, or we...
  20. freakazoid

    Nash giving Lakers the bird

    https://www.ocregister.com/articles/scott-642240-lakers-nash.html Laker fans are bitter, and the world is finally starting to make a lot more sense instead of being stupid.