1. Hekate

    Ersan Ilyasova to sign with Jazz per Jordan Schultz

    Don't think he is any better than Niang but he is a savvy vet who rebounds and shoots well. His rotations on D are sound but his lateral movement slowed down drastically the last few years. He could teach our guys the art of taking a charge, though.
  2. Hekate

    Official Thee Jazz Fan Nickname Recommendation Thread

    Let's see what Jazzfanz want.
  3. Hekate

    Conley to start soon.

    Good idea to shake things off and go into the playoffs as our best potential selves.
  4. Hekate


    It looks too serious to ignore from the leaked photos. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/snakes-could-be-the-original-source-of-the-new-coronavirus-outbreak-in-china/ Are you ok @Ron Mexico ?
  5. Hekate


    I remember that if I ignored a person, I would also ignore anyone who was quoting him/her. But I am now reading replies with no context. Was it always this way or do I recall it wrong?
  6. Hekate

    Sefolosha suspended for 5 games

    Dude's injured. Why they gotta be testing him?
  7. Hekate


    I follow a few well-known webcomics and I am up-to-date with almost all of them. They give me a quick fix of comedy or fantasy, the ones I follow at least, on breaks or on the road and I am open to recommandations. Some of the ones I follow are Oglaf for some sexy comedy. Order of the...
  8. Hekate

    Jazz vs Phoenix

    Dante Trey Rudy Gordon, Derrick, Rodney and Alec are out.
  9. Hekate

    Cy's jazzfanz mock draft's sticky stiuation.

    What do you want? What do the mods want? How much does anyone care? It's all here.
  10. Hekate

    Utah Jazz @ Oklahoma City Thunders

    Shelvin Mack, the Real Prophet, Answer at the PG, standing ready Rodney Hood, Prince of Threes, Roscoe Gordon Hayward Derrick Favors Rudy Gobert Booties are on the way
  11. Hekate

    Hornets @ Jazz

    Back from the dead Gordon "Thank God No Health Problems" Hayward Rodney Hood
  12. Hekate

    Can't keep logged in on mobile.

    Almost every time I change pages or tabs, I get logged out. This has not been the case before. Using an Iphone.
  13. Hekate

    Utah Jazz vs Sacramento Kings 10 PM ET

    Gordon Hayward vs Rudy Gay Derrick Favors vs Demarcus Cousins Jazz have won 5 of last 6 matches against the Kings. Kings bench average 47.1 points, 3rd in the NBA. Jazz are 7th with 36.8 points. Kings averages the most and the Jazz averages the least possessions with 102.2 and 95.1
  14. Hekate

    Tibor Pleiss assigned to Idaho Stampede

  15. Hekate

    Where's the ChatBox?

    Did you guys close it again?
  16. Hekate

    Hayward is now a dad.

  17. Hekate

    Trade idea

    Jazz trade Alec Burks, #12 to Knicks. Denver trade rights to Nikola Jokic, #7 to Jazz. Ty Lawson to Knicks. Knicks trade #4, Calderon to Denver. Alexey Shved to Jazz. Jazz get: Rights to Nikola Jokic, #7. Denver gets: #4, Calderon. Knicks get: #12, Ty Lawson, Alec Burks. Knicks draft WCS...
  18. Hekate

    RIP Jerry Tarkanian

    He was a legend. https://sports.yahoo.com/news/basketball-coaching-legend-jerry-tarkanian-dies-at-84-171240684.html
  19. Hekate

    JAZZ at BUCKS. 8.00 PM EST.

    VS Favors is out, personal reasons. Jazz are 0-3 without him this year. JAZZ starters are Exum - Ingles - Hayward - Kanter - Gobert. Burke off the bench to provide scoring with the second unit.
  20. Hekate

    Top 5 JazzFanz moments you enjoy.

    There is still time till season starts and I am bored. I will list the things I love most about Jazzfanz. 1. Mellow Countdowns. I hope you make one for the season start. 2. Addie Rants. You got anymore of them rants? 3. AtheistPreacher posts. Rare. 4. Loggies Farts and Poops...