1. freakazoid

    Bogie, I’m Sorry

    I would just like to take credit for telling the Bojan doubters that they were idiots, just like the morons last year who wanted to dump Conley for the sake of dumping him. Repeat after me: Linsanic smart. me dumb. Consider that the new mantra for all the expert armchair GMs who thought you...
  2. freakazoid

    What could we trade Bogie for ?

    This thread is dumber than a sack of dog turds, and so is anybody who thinks we should mess with the chemistry of this team in any way. Remember when the dummies on this board wanted to trade Mike Conely for a 2nd rounder last year? Bojan will be just fine and you don't dump good players just...
  3. freakazoid

    Have people here bought into Conley yet?

    My God, you sound like an idiot. Conley spent his entire career in one system, and it's completely understandable that it would take time for him to acclimate to a new one. It also takes time for players to jell with new teammates. You really seem to want to hold to the idea that because it...
  4. freakazoid

    Suck It Conley Haters

    Utah all alone with the best record in the league and still this thread not stickied? Mods be slippin'.
  5. freakazoid

    How does it feel to be the best team in the NBA?!

    If only the stupid Dennis Lindsay didn't ruin the team by trading for Conley, the Jazz could've gone undefeated this year. He's like the luckiest guy ever to make nothing but bad moves and trip backwards into a winning team. Probably any one of us armchair GMs could have built this team into a...
  6. freakazoid

    Game Thread Jan 23, 2021 7:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Warriors

    But what happens if we make the finals, only to have the best 6 or 7 guys on both teams come up injured? We need to be prepared for an all-scrub championship.
  7. freakazoid

    Game Thread Jan 23, 2021 7:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Warriors

    In all fairness, the malcontents must really be having a hard time right now. Life is difficult for them during periods of success, as it makes it harder to find something to bitch about. Next time Utah loses, we should probably start a fire Lindsay/Zanic thread, just to throw them a bone...
  8. freakazoid

    Clarkson for Sixth Man Award

    Sure, the Jazz are rolling right now, but let's go fix what isn't broken. Clarkson has absolutely thrived in this role since Utah traded for him, and Bojan will be just fine, regardless of his recent struggles. No need to overreact just because he is in somewhat of a slump.
  9. freakazoid

    Suck It Conley Haters

    Can we get a sticky for this thread? Mods?
  10. freakazoid

    The Jazz Now have a top 10 Offense AND Defense!

    Lol, remember the clowns coming out a month ago to declare Utah's FO to be completely incompetent? That #27 draft pick was just disastrous and really destroyed the team. Silly me for thinking people were overreacting. FIRE EVERYBODY!!!
  11. freakazoid

    Game Thread Jan 10, 2021 1:00PM MT: Jazz at Pistons

    Looks like the bitch and moan crew is out in full force. Must be a lot fun going through life as a miserable SOB. Meanwhile, as frustrating as it is watching some of these games, if you look around the league, it is the same for almost everybody. The biggest reason for this is that due to...
  12. freakazoid

    Stupid Pet Peeves

    The point would be that so anybody you've had contact with during the time you were sick needs to know if they may have been exposed. You know, because of the whole potential death thingy.
  13. freakazoid

    Suck It Conley Haters

    I would also like to invite the Conley haters to suck it. Just admit it, y'all are a damn disgrace.:p
  14. freakazoid

    Rudy Gobert 5 years, $205M

    Lamo at anybody calling Rudy a one dimensional player. That sounds like stupid **** you would hear from a laker fan who never watches the team. If you watch the Jazz regularly and you actually believe that, you should stop watching altogether. Stick to something that's easier for your brain to...
  15. freakazoid

    Jazz select Udoka Azubuike with pick 27 & trade Tony Bradley + pick 38 to the Pistons

    Lmao at some of you clowns. Utah goes into a very blah draft with a late 1st and some of y'all expect the FO to turn that trash into gold. Then, when it doesn't happen, you lose your ****ing mind and call for everyone to be fired, and declare Utah to be on the same level as the Kings and...
  16. freakazoid

    Steal now- Lauri Markkanen

    So, one buzzer beater away from beating the team that went to the semi-finals, including blowing that team out of the water twice while not getting blown out themselves, all without their 2nd best offensive player/3rd overall = abundantly clear they aren't good enough? LMFAO! Also, Donovan...
  17. freakazoid


    My God, part of me would like to see Rudy leave just so dumbasses like you can cry about missing the playoffs for the next 5 years. This is the same kind of trash that people were talking back when Rudy got hurt and Utah was a completely different team without him. How in the **** does anyone...
  18. freakazoid

    Post Your Gobert or Mitchell Trade Ideas

    And anyone wanting to trade Gobert over Mitchell is a dumbass. Utah can trade Mitchell for a similar lever player and still be in a position to be in the top half of the west. Trade Rudy and you might as well just accept going into the tank for at least 3 or 4 years. Our best case scenario...
  19. freakazoid


    It's amazing to me that the idiots in this country that are always crying about fake news, at the same time watch their right wing propaganda and convince themselves that these are the people that are bringing them the truth. Mind-****ing-boggling.
  20. freakazoid

    Choose Gobert or Donovan, you can't have both!

    Looks like we need to lose Rudy again for a few months just so some fans can be reminded of what this team is without him. Mitchell is a very good player, but his impact on win/loss is nowhere close to Rudy's. The only argument for Mitchell is if you're worried about Gobert leaving as a FA...