1. TheStormofWar

    Elijah Millsap: Lindsey in exit interview: “if u say one more word, I’ll cut your Black *** and send you back to Louisiana”.

    If this is legit, then it's been swell Lindsey, but the swelling's gone down. https://twitter.com/Elijah_Millsap/status/1364741926495412226?s=20
  2. TheStormofWar

    Boris Johnson to Parliament: Take a hike

    https://apnews.com/8f2e6dc2d920423ba19c929076328784 I can't recall when that has even been asked for before?
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    Lindsey Interview on ESPN 700

    Couple of interesting things in this. He discusses "modernizing" the Jazz when he took over the GM role from KOC and he tacitly confirmed there was some interest from Max-level FAs this off season. Some love for Favors as well. Something to note was that DL thought there could have been a few...
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    Caesars Sportsbook: Jazz #2 in west, #4 overall

    Pretty reasonable I think:
  5. TheStormofWar

    The Ringer: Are The Utah Jazz Ready to Contend?

    Reasonable video. Long story short: It will hinge on Mitchell's ability to grow now that Utah has the weapons around him.
  6. TheStormofWar

    Brantley and Wright-Foreman signed to Two-Way deals.

    Me gusta.
  7. TheStormofWar

    Monson: The Once-Fierce Lion's Eyes Grow Sleepy.

    I know we tend to bag on Monson quite a bit. That said, I thought this was a good tribute to Sloan. https://www.sltrib.com/sports/2019/07/16/monson-pay-sweet-silent/
  8. TheStormofWar

    Neto is gone.

  9. TheStormofWar

    Player's Tribune: The Dream by Nicole Mitchell

    I'll leave this here: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/donovan-mitchell-the-dream We <3 Mrs. Mitchell.
  10. TheStormofWar

    Mitchell being Mitchell.

    Didn't see this posted elsewhere. Also, we don't deserve this man.
  11. TheStormofWar

    Would we welcome Igor back to Utah?

    Yes. Yes we would. On a side note, it just goes to prove how dysfunctional the Suns really are. https://clutchpoints.com/suns-rumors-phoenix-could-fire-igor-kokoskov/
  12. TheStormofWar

    Larson: Gobert on pace for most dunks in a season.

    Will probably slow down I imagine, but still interesting to think about.
  13. TheStormofWar

    Dame: Inside sources confirm....

    Never change Dame. This was confirmed by the Fresno Bee. Heh
  14. TheStormofWar

    Jermaine O'Neale: Don't Sleep On the Jazz

    It's becoming a meme. https://www.getmoresports.com/sheridan-jazz-are-not-a-bad-bet-says-a-big-3-vet/ Jermaine also had an interesting take on Boogie in Golden State.
  15. TheStormofWar

    The Ringer: Are We Sure That Utah Isn’t the West’s Second-Best Team?

    https://www.theringer.com/nba/2018/8/22/17764968/are-we-sure-utah-jazz-second-best-west It's still the off-season, so......
  16. TheStormofWar

    Thanks David.

    Pretty much a given, but still.
  17. TheStormofWar

    David Griffin: "How the h*** do we not love the Utah Jazz?"

    https://player.fm/series/the-full-48 Still the offseason. David Griffin is a former GM who helped bring a championship to Cleveland in 2016 and did Howard Beck's "Full 48" podcast recently. In any case, he glossed on Utah. He mentioned how he expects the Rockets took a step back with the...
  18. TheStormofWar

    Rudy at range?

    Still slow, so....
  19. TheStormofWar

    Bleacher Report: Ingles = Spurs starting 5 beyond the arc.

    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2787910-biggest-hole-every-nba-team-still-needs-to-fill#slide27 Ouch. Okay, maybe the Spurs won't be better than the Jazz. Oy!