1. Doc Cherno


    Anyone know what's going on with this cat? There's obviously bigger fish to fry right now, but I'm curious if it seems like he might end up back with the Jazz next season. At one point I was hearing he was playing too well not to get big offers elsewhere, but it has been crickets so far on what...
  2. Doc Cherno

    Jazz at Bulls 7:00 CST

    So, on my way out the door and noticed there wasn't a thread. This will have to do...
  3. Doc Cherno

    Mitchell named ROY

    By the NBA Players Association according to Yahoo Sports. Harden MVP.
  4. Doc Cherno

    Nigel-Goss gone to Europe

    http://hoopshype.com/team/utah-jazz/ Not surprising at all.
  5. Doc Cherno

    Glass Half full of Rainbow

    So we're less Amish at the 3 this year, and that hurts. We're also in real need of more scoring to go along with this new defensive-minded team that should promise lots of games with Y youth league scores. I'm still seeing some room to hope already. 1) With Rubio in and Hill and Mack out...
  6. Doc Cherno

    Move to the lottery?

    http://hoopshype.com/team/utah-jazz/ Not sure I'm believing they're that interested in such a move. Likely just checking out all potential outcomes...
  7. Doc Cherno

    Jazz working out Jabari Brown

    Per Tony Jones tweet. Another stash on the D-League?
  8. Doc Cherno

    Quincy Ford

    Hope this wasn't posted elsewhere and I just missed it. Looks like DL went right to work. Not sure this guy's the improvement in players that Hayward wants to see, but... I doubt this kid makes the team, but I'm surprised by the 3 year side of his contract. Seems like an increasingly common...
  9. Doc Cherno

    Whither Withey?

    Okay, I did a half-hearted search through the threads for some answer to this, but what happened to Withey? Is he even still on the team? He vanished off the NBA.COM roster for the Jazz during the first game, and he's vanished off the court. Not that I'm expecting him to contend for a...
  10. Doc Cherno

    Kosta Koufos Still Available

    From what I've seen there's an attempt by the FO to get untested Pleiss signed. We got word that no effort would be made to sign wings, and there's still Booker floating out there. At best, it seems, they might be wanting to see what's the best they can do to shore up the 5 spot. Boombitches...
  11. Doc Cherno

    Jazz lose Johnson

    Sorry. About the level of humor on the board these days. https://www.sltrib.com/sports/2150607-155/utah-jazz-notes-team-lets-johnsons Interesting given the proximity to the trade deadline. I don't see any real reason for this team to make an impact trade, but you never know...
  12. Doc Cherno

    Better than last year's team?

    I know I'm going to screw this up by forgetting someone, but after the signing of Thompson I had to wonder how we fare compared to last year's team. We've got A LOT of new faces comingin this year, which may take some time to gel, but at this early point I've got to give major points to KOC...
  13. Doc Cherno


    I was just tossing around acronyms and the like and it got me to remembering that AI is available and wants to play this year. Any other year and I would've said there is no way. But I kind wondered if his last couple of years took a little of his irritating habits away. Probably not, but...
  14. Doc Cherno

    Mel Turpin, RIP

    Multiple sources are saying Mel Turpin has died from an apparent suicide. Man, I hate to hear such stories. I hope his family and friends can find some peace in what's coming...