1. Hotdog

    House Democrats now switching parties

    There are now House Democrats switching parties. Now that the facts have come out about Ukraine, Russia gate, and Biden Gate, it is plainly obvious that House Democrats are up to some illegal and shady things. Anyone with any integrity will remove themselves from being associated from the...
  2. Hotdog

    The story that broke the Matrix

    A black conservative is elected in Kentucky for attorney general, attends MAGA rally, proclaims its Trump country in Kentucky. (Same state voted for Trump) Those sneaky racists in Kentucky, what are they up to now...
  3. Hotdog

    ABC news covered for Jeffrey Epstein

    Not surprised Back to your regularly scheduled Trump bashing program. This isnt important. Ps. The best way to dismiss this is scream racism or call it a conspiracy theory. Try it. It makes you feel good because you dont have to confront what really going on in the world.
  4. Hotdog

    Proof of Fake News from Left leaning Outlets.

    See video below I wonder how the fake news deniers will spin this. Its amazing that this can happen. You cant tell me this was a mistake. This isnt journalism or news. Its straight up propaganda done on purpose. The only other alternative is really poor incompetent and lazy journalism. It...
  5. Hotdog

    Hillary Clinton advocates shredding the constitution

    Wow! In other words, if the impeachment process doesnt give the results Hillary and the dems want then the constitution should be shredded. This is the person Dems thought should president of the United States of America? We dodged a pretty big bullet, but the war rages on. All the mindless...
  6. Hotdog

    Most bad *** woman in America today

    Candace freaking Owens!! I love this woman. I predict she will be the first woman president. I pray she runs right after Trump. She is exactly what the country needs.
  7. Hotdog

    Corey Lewandowski hearing

  8. Hotdog

    Israel blocks Tlaib and Ilhan from entering country

    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2019/aug/15/trump-news-today-live-omar-tlaib-israel-2020-democrats-race-latest-updates Can't wait for the anti-semitic remarks from the "tolerant" left. I think this proves who the real Nazi's are. The Democrats. I mean, if you are enemies with Jews...
  9. Hotdog

    TD Jakes

    I also want to share one of other favorite people. This man right here, like Jordan Peterson is full of Wisdom. This speech right here is one fo the best Ive heard from him, but he has a lot more. Im sure some of you have a problem with him because he believes in god. Oh the horror. I know...
  10. Hotdog

    Jordan Peterson

    I really love me some Jordan Peterson. Such a brilliant man. He seems to have endless wisdom, and a huge heart.. Its very sad that the left in one of their grossest acts yet have painted this man to be a white supremacist. SMH I thought I would share this video because the crowd seems to be...
  11. Hotdog

    How white liberals view black voters

  12. Hotdog

    Man's penis is turning into bone

  13. Hotdog

    Democratic Socialist convention.

    This is interesting. I like where we are headed.
  14. Hotdog

    Man kills 4 in stabbing spree.

  15. Hotdog

    Cops dowsed with water while trying to make an arrest.

    Well, just another example of the influence the regressive left, hollywood, and the leftsits main stream media has had on our society. Complete disrespect for law enforcement. Absolutely disgusting. These people put their lives on the line every day to keep the peace and all the moronic...
  16. Hotdog

    Paul Pierce Wheel Chair Game

    Well. Turns outs Paule Pierce was actually just covering up the fact that he pooped himself. Hilarious. Kudos for admitting it. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ftw/2019/06/06/paul-pierce-revealed-story-behind-his-nba-finals-wheelchair-incident/39548921/
  17. Hotdog

    CNN and MSNBC so unbiased that the New York Times banned its reporters from appearing

    So the NYT has banned its own reports reporters from appearing on CNN and MSNBC because of how biased they are. But if yout talk to some of the "experts" around here such as @Bulletproof @One Brow @Ron Mexico they will tell you they are not biased. They love to gas light people. Pretty funny...
  18. Hotdog

    A good example of how the KKK is super relevant.

    https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5cea7113e4b0512156f316c5 Man, the KKK is so scary. Look at all those Trump voters.
  19. Hotdog

    Proof that Fox News is Fair and unbiased

    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fake-pelosi-videos-trump-doctored Look at Fox News being all nice Nancy. Maybe CNN could follow the lead
  20. Hotdog

    Salt Lake = the new Seattle

    It sure has been raining a lot. Forcast for the next two weeks says rain. What is going on? Theories? Climate change? God crying? Mother earth cleaning things up? April Showers brings May showers and possibly June showers. With all Dems losing their **** and getting depressed. Im worried...