1. Jazz Spazz

    The Utah Jazz changed the Chick-fil-A promotion this year. Here’s what’s different

    Apparently you don't have to be at the game to get the free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, you just have their app. https://www.deseret.com/sports/2019/10/24/20930527/utah-jazz-chick-fil-a-fowl-promotion-free-rewards-location-services Story at 11... I'm sure. Now all of your neighbors will be...
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    Least Distinguished Careers in NBA History

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/sports/worst-nba-careers/?utm_term=.fbd9cc02e708 I see 3 of the 20 as former Jazz players, 2 of the top 5. What do you think?
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    How Social Science Might be Misunderstanding Conservatives

    I have no clue why I clicked on this article, but I enjoyed the read, even it it's long. Here is a small section on the rigidity of the right model. Give it a read, and post about it if you want...
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    Top funny, strange, or odd story/memory/play you have about Jazz players

    I was thinking about this, and I think the options are various, but some players may have one iconic thing that comes to everyone's mind. Malone - For me it's just hearing his voice and how he talks. Maybe his Hardee's commercial. I think this beats out the fathering a child with a 13yr old...
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    Russell Harden slaps phone of Jazz fan

    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2774076-james-harden-slaps-phone-of-jazz-fan-after-being-called-a-flopper Another one of those filthy Jazz fans calling a superstar names and getting super personal, crosses the line, and gets phone slapped and a good talking to by security. Things not to say...
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    Reasons to like sports figures

    I think it would be nice to have a thread about some sports figures and the cool things they do for people/society. I'll start us off.
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    IT - Players Tribune article

    IT did it right. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/isaiah-thomas-trade-celtics-cavaliers/
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    Utah Jazz 2017-2018 Wet Blanket Thread

    Thread rules: (can check 2 or more) 1- Only post here if you think the Jazz will win 40 or less games this season. (this post excluded) 2- Keep all hype and hope type posts in another thread, only "realistic" thoughts and ideas welcome. 3- Prepare for the season by reading the following...
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    Astana Kazakhstan

    Please explain to me what is going on in Astana. It's a pretty curious place. I apologize if already discussed in another thread I couldn't find. Oh, and google Astana. I find it curious, but am also curious what some of your takes are on this place that pretty much was...
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    Jimmer to Spurs

    Jimmer to Spurs What do the Spurs see in Jimmer that others don't? Can their defense absorb his lack? Thoughts...
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    Anti Tomic

    Please post here if you are sick of Tomic speculation and threads full of false hope. This is the real Tomic thread. He will never come to the Jazz or the NBA... unless he is old and washed up. The End.
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    Post All-Star Team Defensive Stats

    I found some post all-star defensive stats for the Jazz interesting. Specifically I looked at shooting and saw the following. The attempts less than 5 ft is the 3rd lowest in the league, and the % for the Jazz D is lower than the other two with less attemps, which equals less made shots...
  13. Jazz Spazz

    Time for the "Rudy Gobert" Hype

    Did any of you see Gobert play in that SL game against the Bucks? He only committed 3 fouls while being all over the place both offensively and defensively. He was blocking shots, altering shots, grabbing rebounds well out of the range of the normal human, put back dunks in traffic, and he...
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    Langi Drama

    Thinking of transferring after mission. Whit not on board. Link Discuss
  15. Jazz Spazz

    I had a draft dream

    In my dream methought I saw DL on the room of the ESA singing a song to Jabari Parker. The song was "I Got My Mind Set on You" by George H. Mark it down. The Jazz find a way to move up and draft Parker. Love it or hate it, it is locked in stone now. Link
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    *** Official Ty Corbin appreciation thread ***

    Ty, Thank you for the years you put into helping the Utah Jazz and being a part of this organization. Best wishes to you and your family. Jazz Fanz
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    Thread title combinations

    Longest poos ever Creationism vs poos Are there black markets for poos Jazz pooetry I hope none of us poo today <poos> 4 day poo fast True Poos Racism and poos The Walking Poos What's the last poo you've seen? Youre most remarkable poos Poo Vermin Video game poo Flappy poo Game of Poos Poo...
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    New Dinosaur found - brain intact

  19. Jazz Spazz

    Kanter's minutes

    I figured out why Corbin won't play Kanter as many minutes as the rest. He's afraid of this. this and this It's the only reasonable explanation.
  20. Jazz Spazz

    Ogletreefootball dot com

    I figured BYU would miss Ogletree in the middle of their defense after he graduated. I didn't count on them not really missing him too much, or him putting up the best football analysis site in the state, actually one of the best I've seen anywhere. The dude is solid. I don't know him...