1. firegirl

    FireTV + NBA LP + VPN

    Has anyone tried this? If so, can I get some help on how to do it? Mil gracias. Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz
  2. firegirl

    Nba reddit streams

    They got shut down last month. Anyone know of another place to watch the streams for free?? Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz
  3. firegirl

    I ♥️ Quin

    https://www.sltrib.com/sports/2019/05/04/basketball-is-his/ We are so lucky to have him.
  4. firegirl

    Quin the genius

    Try this link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2833552-no-one-can-stay-in-front-of-james-harden-is-that-the-secret-to-guarding-him.amp.html
  5. firegirl

    Public apology to @shad

    Sorry for being a jerk. I came at you too hard and I apologize. I'm triggered easily and I'm working on it.
  6. firegirl

    Conflict is the essence of a good story

    Some pensive thoughts for you all: When we watch a movie or read a book, the story MUST have insane hurdles or conflicts, otherwise the story falls flat. Our hero must face horrible things, or he doesn't grow. What's interesting is in our own lives we HATE hurdles and conflicts. We want...
  7. firegirl

    Korver on Mitchell

    Thought this was incredible.
  8. firegirl

    Hawks Game Thread??

    Where is it??? Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz
  9. firegirl

    The comedian who opened for Aziz Ansari...

    Tonight brought up the Westbrook incident. It was funny, but, also embarrassing. Great show though! Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz
  10. firegirl

    For all the haters and boo birds...

    Go listen to the last half of Locked on Jazz today: https://open.spotify.com/episode/32LjEidASxXnz7ua4wLiJX?si=RR9WtX46QIyvB44qbicdqg Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz
  11. firegirl

    How are the SRO "seats?"

    Is it worth getting a few of these for game 4? Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app
  12. firegirl

    So this is why Spence hasn't been on the radio...

    Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app
  13. firegirl

    We all need to troll Jimmy Butler. Now!

    This dude is a punk. Get on Twitter and troll the douche. Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app
  14. firegirl

    Donovan is pissed at some stupid Jazz Fans

    Ya'll are making us look bad to our super star. Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app
  15. firegirl

    What in the damn hell is the Rally Churro?

    I know a lot of you knuckleheads love this Rally Churro concept, but can you explain what it means? Maybe I'll like it once someone gives me some background. But as of right now, it's STUPID and you're trying too hard to be funny.
  16. firegirl

    YouTube TV - Sports channels

    Anyone heard about the new YouTube TV? Supposedly, it's going to be geared toward sports. I wonder if we'll be able to stream Roots Sports or NBA League Pass without the blockouts... So sick of paying 100 a month for DirecTV.