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    Mare of Easttown on HBO

    Anyone watching? 3 episodes in and its great. A whodunnit murder mystery with a great cast of Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce, Evan Peters, David Denman. Great acting and the first 3 episodes have been great. Anyways highly recommend it. Very much like Happy Valley which is one of the greatest crime...
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    Transgender and sports

    So my wife randomly asked me the other night if I thought males transitioning to females or males that feel like they are female and are too young to officially start transitioning should be able to play womens sports. I said no. It is not physically fair. Men are taller, stronger, have denser...
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    New California forced diversity bill.

    This seems insane to me. Not sure how I'd feel if I was one of those minorities that get new positions. Would you always wonder if you really deserved it or were just some sort of mercy hire? "Governor Newsom has signed a first-in-the-nation bill requiring California businesses including some...
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    Where do you get your political info?

    I generally listen to podcasts and youtube guys. I do my best to listen to both right and left but probably lean more left. I don't trust Fox, or CNN, or MSNBC as far as I can throw them so I don't even bother. So @fishonjazz @Gameface @The Thriller @LogGrad98 and anyone else. Who should I be...
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    2024 Presidential Election.

    Obviously a long ways out but 2020 - 2024 is already screwed. Biden or Trump. Awesome job everyone. So who are you pulling for in 2024? I think I'm a Yang gang guy. Succesful as fuh, smart as a mother, seems like a genuinely good person, understands math and economics. Not beholden, as far as...
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    Got into a pretty heated debate with my wife last night about race.

    Some context. We are both white, were raised upper middle class, in a very predominantly white area. She was telling me about some podcast where the guest, a black woman, went to some Ivy league school and how weird it was when she got there that everyone there grew up with a washing machine...
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    Used Jeep Wrangler thread

    Looking to buy a used Jeep Wrangler. Want to spend under 8k, mainly for weekend use, camping, moderate off roading, possibly some trailer pulling. Any tips or thoughts about what I should get? I'm thinking a 6 cylinder between 1998 and 2002 with under 180k should be fine. It will be my daily...
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    Stand Up Comedy Specials

    Been playing comedy in the background while I work. Any good ones, from less known comics I should check out? I've listened to all the Chappelle, Mulaney, Louis CK etc .... Here's a great one I listened to today. Lots of pretty short jokes, really really funny. One of the best specials I've...
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    Youtube videos to pass the time. Add some good ones.

    This one had my kids confused as to why I was laughing so hard from my office.
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    How has the virus affected you directly?

    My wife has her own business doing flowers for weddings. She was pretty much booked out for 2020. She has already had 4 cancellations, at a loss of about 4k. I do some consulting on the side, mainly for startups, and have had 2 suspend my consulting services until further notice. A loss of...
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    Next 10 games for Denver, Utah, OKC, Houston, Dallas

    Standings are getting all skiwompus with the Nuggs, Rockets, and Jazz all falling on their face recently. So wanted to look at the next 10. Denver - 7 against playoff teams. Only bad team they play is Chicago as the non playoff games are against San Antonio who is functional and can beat...
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    How many points will Bradley Beal score tonight?

    Last 6 games ... 30, 30, 26, 53, 55, 30 ...... tonight ..... 60, 70, 1,000,000 ?
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    Terrible movies.

    Movies that aren't even so bad they are funny like The Room, but just really bad movies. I'd bet both my nuts that Birds of Prey is one of those movies. Dear god that looks horrendous. What other movies are just unbearably bad? Downsizing with Matt Damon was probably one of the worst movies...
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    Playoffs ... who are you confident the Jazz would beat?

    In order of confidence (plus a few eastern teams for NBA finals possibilities) 100% confident - Spurs, Grizzlies, Portland, Thunder, Mavericks, TWolves 75% confident - Nuggets, Heat 50% confident - Rockets, 76ers, Raptors, Bucks, Celtics 25% - Lakers, Clippers
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    Guys, we are only 2.5 games out of the 3 seed. And only 4 out of the 2.

    For being an extremely disappointing start to the year thats not that terrible. Silver linings right?
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    Getting into TMZ territory here but doesn't it seem like there is a disconnect between Donovan

    and pretty much everyone else on the team? He's obviously going 1 on 1 non stop but now no one seems to go anywhere near him. No high 5's, no congrats, just Don doing his thing and everyone else just existing on the court.
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    A few questions for the bitchers and moaners

    1. Are we better off if we keep Rubio or sign some other rando for 10-12 mill rather than trading for Conley? 2. Was a player that scored an efficient 20 ppg and was known as one of the most underrated players in the league worth the risk of a trade? 3. Who's been screwing the Jazz worst? A...
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    Prob already a thread about it but I hate the Ingles extension.

    Thats a big number for someone who will likely be a pretty poor NBA player. I appreciate the Jazz being loyal but like cutting Favors loose because his contract was too big I think the Ingles extension was a pretty big mistake. I'm also day drunk so it is what it is.