1. Jazz Spazz

    Mike Conley & Rudy Gobert +/- Update Thread

    What, we can't use the "but he's playing with the best teammates and that's why he has a good +/-" argument on him?
  2. Jazz Spazz

    Dwyane Wade buys ownership stake in Utah Jazz

    Lebron has been linked to the Fenway Sports Group (FSG) for quite a while now. They own the Red Sox, Liverpool FC, both stadiums and other sports investments. I'm thinking the official announcement just means Lebron invested more, which got him enough to be recognized as an official partner...
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    Official BYU homer thread

    I wish there was a better video out there showing all of the different throws Zach has made even just this year, along with the arm strength, the footwork, the escapability, and the accuracy. Some of those throws have been exactly where only the receiver has a shot of catching it. His timing...
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    Game Thread September 1, 2020: Jazz at Nuggets - Game 7

    Gobert and DM were both mad enough to throw/kick/hit things after game 6. I am predicting they come out mad and aggressive and win this thing.
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    Players only meeting.

    It isn't really the main focus of this thread, not that I really consider it a "discussion", but I think you need to re-evaluate what your understanding of rape is. If an action crosses the boundary of what is rape even a little, it's rape. It doesn't matter if you are/were married to the...
  6. Jazz Spazz

    Quin Snyder interview on FirstTake

    I don't think we ever will know what really happened, and don't think we should. I am starting to revise in my mind how bad it really was though. DM seems to take personally what a few stupid fans say and get offended about it and push that out as if all fans are like that. It makes me wonder...
  7. Jazz Spazz

    Please read this! SLC Dunk- Black Lives Matter

    This could be the most informative post in this thread. I think that often the BLM push appears to be a BLMonly in the eyes of people that respond with ALM. The protests and talk imo don't come across as BLMtoo most of the time. If people could truly hear the BLMtoo story and understand that...
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    Says you. Sure that sounds nice and fuzzy. You are entitled to your opinion. As of right now he’s not even close to the highest paid player on the team. He’s paid to ball and hopefully win. I give him an allowance to be ticked when/if he felt/feels like possible life or death stuff was...
  9. Jazz Spazz


    Relax people. We have like 10% of the info and hints & allegations. I’m not judging either of them right now. DM very well could have a good reason to be ticked. I still hope he lets it go truly and they move on better for it, whatever it was. The bottom line is, we know jack squat. What...
  10. Jazz Spazz

    How long have you been here?

    I really have no idea how long I've been around between lurking, posting, and now moderating which is basically lurking. I think I was pre crash, but not by much. I do remember all of the referenced posters, but it's all muddled now. I don't know if I remember them, or stories about them when...
  11. Jazz Spazz

    Domestic Abuse cases Up 75% in Utah County during Pandemic

    Did they even give any numbers to put this into perspective? A percentage increase doesn't give a whole lot of info. If they received 4 calls a month and now they receive 7, that's way different than 40 jumping to 70. What percentage of the population is this. How does this compare to other...
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    Semiannual LDS general conference thread (Apr 2020)

    Yea, nobody knows. It was a joke off the last joke. It could be tru tho brough. How old are you and how healthy are you?
  13. Jazz Spazz

    Semiannual LDS general conference thread (Apr 2020)

    Dropping the trumpet was like dropping the mic. His job was done, and the guy he was trumpeting for is almost here. He didn't lose his job. He did his job.
  14. Jazz Spazz

    Bulls to talk to Justin Zanik about front office position

    It's smart to at least listen to other opportunities out there when presented to you. It doesn't mean you have to take them, or that you want to leave. It means you are doing your due diligence to make sure you are open and to make sure you know the lay of the land. Listening can at times...
  15. Jazz Spazz

    LHM company layoffs

    Without a bottom line you can't pay the salary of the other 80/90/95 % of the remaining employees. You need cash. It's not always about greed even though it can be in many cases. With all I've seen from the Millers, I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt for now.
  16. Jazz Spazz

    LHM company layoffs

    Think about what the LHM Group sells. Cars, Basketball (Jazz & Stars), Theaters, the Arena, Baseball, Tour of Utah, advertising, radio, video gaming, loans, vehicle insurance, real estate, and entertainment complex type places. Most of this, if not all probably is seeing a huge cut in cash...
  17. Jazz Spazz

    Semiannual LDS general conference thread (Apr 2020)

    I really enjoyed the conference. It was cool to see the youth speak, and cool to see less than 10 cycle through the room and them sitting 6ft apart tbh. There were quite a few very quotable lines and stories, very memorable. I felt a strong confirmation as they read the proclamation. I...
  18. Jazz Spazz

    What's your offseason dream for the Jazz?

    1- Rudy Don repair 2- Wood 3- Keep Clarkson 4- Move Conley 5- If Conley move, pick up a decent backup point if no Mudiay or anyways. 6- backup C who has 3 range 7- permission to not follow rules with our roster