1. dalamon

    Most Glaring Roster Holes

    Conley/Mudiay Mitchell/Ingles Bogdanovich/Oni O’Neale/Niang/Brantley Gobert/Bradley (I’ve left out some other names of course). When I look at this roster, some things are made plainly clear: 1) our PF rotation is,,,,horrendous. 2) we need to re-sign Jordan Clarkson 3) we need a very strong...
  2. dalamon

    Royce O’Neale Contract Extension

  3. dalamon

    Our FO miscalculated on our second-round players

    As a recap-- this was our roster during our first presason NBA game this season Conley Mitchell Bogdanovich O'Neale Gobert Exum Mudiay Ingles Green Davis Williams-Goss Oni Kidd Niang Howard Bradley 1) Of note-- our FO gave a three year contract to William Howard (ahead of Brantley, and...
  4. dalamon

    The Church of Jarrell Brantley

    I’ve seen enough of him through these two preseason games. He doesn’t belong in the G-Lwague, he belongs on the roster. Pls discuss. We got a Rolls Royce, now we need the Brentley.
  5. dalamon

    someone's gotta fess up

    someone has placed a curse on this man at first we weren't foes. mutual respect in the earlier days, I suppose. not a lot of direct trade activity between us and him. well, that is, until... you have to admit-- the immediate aftermath was brutal for the fans of the blessed Utah Jazz...
  6. dalamon

    Grayson Allen Apology Thread

    I called this dude a bust at least 20 times. Starting to realize that I was wrong. Pls feel free to join in
  7. dalamon

    Official Jazzfanz #TurnBlueforJrue campaign

    we're going to pray until we turn blue for Jrue. Dennis Lindsey, pls bring us Jrue Holiday. amen
  8. dalamon

    where to buy utah jazz classic edition jerseys

    I want that damn jersey, you guys. Local peeps, any idea if they're staying in stock? Or are they selling out instantly? I can only find Mitchell ones online
  9. dalamon

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (democratic socialist) wins NY primary

    Setting the stage for Ocasio-Cortez to win the mid-term and join congress as the youngest member of congress ever, the first socialist in congress in over 90 years, and the fourth one ever. -- Finally, some positive news in American politics for once...
  10. dalamon

    The Tony Bradley Thread

    Can someone share what this dude has been up to these last few months? Did he look good at all last season? Can he be a full-time PF to complement Rudy?
  11. dalamon

    Exum's defence on Harden

    The writer is honestly correct-- this is the most perfect defence I've ever seen on Harden-- and this was in the middle of his torrid streak in the 2nd quarter. Dante has been a total dunce on offence, but his ability to defend in isolation and on switches just makes it *really* hard for us to...
  12. dalamon

    I’m just so happy for Fishonjazz

    Game 6 will be known to many as #PromiseDelivered by donovan, but the og fans will forever know it as the #ReturnofAB God, what a series. I’ll be super honest— game 5 was one of the most excruciating losses of my entire life. I was shaking with anger the whole ride home after watching it at my...
  13. dalamon

    Social Housing Report

    https://jacobinmag.com/2018/04/affordable-housing-crisis-peoples-policy-project This is a summary of a pretty big report that was just completed on how the government should be more involved in building affordable housing for its citizens in a United States context.
  14. dalamon

    Danny Chau (The Ringer)— the Achilles Heel of the Utah Jazz

    https://www.theringer.com/platform/amp/2018/4/6/17204586/rudy-gobert-utah-jazz-defensive-player-of-year#click=https://t.co/taiTuhVCsh Read the rest of it on the link provided.
  15. dalamon

    Utah Jazz City Jersey Draw

    I’m entering for a size medium even tho I’m not from Utah, gonna see if this works
  16. dalamon

    Tax bill passes in senate 51-49

    1 trillion dollars added to the national deficit primarily to redistribute income towards the upper class
  17. dalamon

    General NBA 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Guys, I've been watching Teodosic play tonight and frankly I am just so ****ing excited for the level of basketball that our lucky asses are gonna consume this coming season. There is so many teams I'm fascinated by, and I cannot wait to watch these rosters go up against each other...
  18. dalamon

    Sleeved "Jazz Pride" jerseys sold out everywhere

    I'm so pissed at myself for picking up the Rudy pride jersey, holding it, then dropping it back down before getting my little brother a Joe Johnson Pride t-shirt jersey. Are they sold out in store too? Nike is permanently dropping the sleeved jerseys
  19. dalamon

    Ekpe Udoh Appreciation Thread

    He's yet to play a minute for the Jazz, but just going off his twitter alone-- this dude ****ing owns. More politically conscious than the rest of this Jazz squad combined. Awesome to see, and I'm excited what he does with an ever-growing spotlight