1. Gameface

    LLC discussion thread

    So this thread is here so that you can explain your best tips and tricks when running an LLC so I can steal all your stuff and use it for myself. I just created an LLC to deal with my crypto mining income. Here are some questions I have. Better to pay myself a wage or take profits? If I...
  2. Gameface

    This Team Is Weird...In a Good Way.

    Is it just me or is this year's team a bit weird? I'm not a stat guy. I'm not a FO, contract, trade machine guy. I'm not all that into advanced analytics. I hardly know **** about any team other than the Utah Jazz, I don't follow players, I don't follow prospects, I don't follow other teams...
  3. Gameface

    Voter Suppression and Why The Republicans Love It So Much?

    Clearly the Republican party's response to their White House loss in 2020 is to suppress the vote harder. I think that in Georgia, in particular, the Republicans already in office there felt like the tide was against them and the answer they came up with was to suppress the vote harder. Since...
  4. Gameface

    Derek Chauvin Murder Trial

    Are any of you following it? I'm not following it closely but do read a daily summary. I'm going in thinking Chauvin is 100% guilty of 2nd degree murder. I'll see if anything the defense presents changes my mind. Following the comments on KSL.com it seems the argument in favor of Chauvin is...
  5. Gameface

    Very Big News! Pepsi Mango!!!

    Yep, the rumors are true. The buzz is real. The earth is shook. Pepsi is introducing it's newest "permanent" flavor in more than 5 years! Pepsi Mango. https://www.ksl.com/article/50129784/pepsi-mango-to-become-companys-newest-permanent-flavor-in-5-years This is what the world needs right now...
  6. Gameface

    The *OFFICAIL* Jazzfanz Crypto Mining Thread

    A few of us @leftyjace @Ron Mexico and me @Gameface are talking about possibly starting a group of jazzfanz who are interested and involved in mining crypto currency. At the moment Ethereum is the most profitable and that's what I've been focused on so far, but there are several other options...
  7. Gameface

    DST For You and Me!

    It's coming! Daylight Saving Time. March 14th set your clocks forward 1hr. I love it!
  8. Gameface

    The Utah Jazz are and have been the Best Franchise in Professional Sports.

    For a small market team in a league built on large markets the Utah Jazz have been an ideal franchise for the league. The Utah Jazz have set the bar for professionalism in pro sports for more than 30 years. The Utah Jazz have punched FAR above their weight class as a professional sports...
  9. Gameface

    2021 The Year of the HYDRA!

    I don't care about what they're saying about the Chinese New Year and and Ox and all that. They forgot to carry the 9 somewhere or something because it is clearly the Year of the Hydra! Playing the Utah Jazz is like fighting Hydra. The attack is coming from too many angles, too much motion, too...
  10. Gameface


    So just a short time after they regain democracy the party backed by the military got trounced in the election so the military leaders claim it was a fraudulent election and stage a coup. I wonder what major world nation could have inspired them to use this tactic...
  11. Gameface

    Amanda Gorman

    If you have not listened to the poem she presented at the inauguration, you should.
  12. Gameface

    Welp, there it is... The number of new skyscrapers drops 20% amid pandemic slowdown

    https://www.cnn.com/style/article/ctbuh-skyscraper-report-2020/index.html I Mean if that doesn't drive the harsh reality home I don't know what could. Also, not sure if you all have heard but caviar sellers are hurting pretty bad right now too... Just kidding, they aren't. Rich people are...
  13. Gameface

    Elections Have Consequences.

    Looks like the GOP is going to be forced to make a choice. Either they can win elections by moving away from Trumpism or they can win primaries by moving towards Trumpism. Good luck with that...
  14. Gameface

    Is The Current Millennia Old Enough To Drink Yet?

    Is the current Millennia 21 years old today, or did it just turn 20? If 20 that's okay, it's been through a lot, I'll hook 'er up with a fake ID.
  15. Gameface

    What's Your Favorite Way To Drink A Twisted Tea?

    This guy likes to have the contents smashed into his face. I'm more of a pour it into a glass type of guy but however you like to do it is your own business.
  16. Gameface

    I wish there was a national registry for...

    People who think Trump won the election in 2020. I'd like to know 5 years from now if the person I'm dealing with believed today (11/30/2020) that Trump was the legitimate winner of the election. That way I could save myself a lot of time by avoiding the stupidest of the ****ing stupid.
  17. Gameface

    Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

    I'll start by saying that the origins of Thanksgiving are not forefront in my mind. This is a holiday I've grown up with that I love. I love what this holiday IS today. This is the least comercial major holiday in the U.S.. This is a day for being thoughtful, appreciative and humble. We all need...
  18. Gameface

    What Does It Mean To Love The United States and to be a Patriot?

    I think I must have understood all of this wrong. I always believed being against racism was a form of patriotism. I always believed being for women's equality was a form of patriotism. I always believed that being against religious discrimination was a form of patriotism. Was I really so...