1. magic

    Joe Ingles should start over Mike Conley

    Hell I'd be even willing to move Mitchell to the bench if that was possible to start Ingles. We were the best team when Ingles was starting. Now we are crap. Even the media, who ignores us, was able to figure out that what the Jazz need is more Ingles (our best starting 5 in terms of +/-...
  2. magic

    Quin Snyder to coach Team Lebron at the All-Star Game

    Snyder should give more minutes to Mitchell and Gobert as a result :)
  3. magic

    Exum scores 28 points in only 24 minutes taking only 13 shots

    Where the haters at now? MVP and all his alts probably probably hiding in his Mama's basement. This would have never happened under Snyder and is literal proof of how Snyder was holding Exum back. Glad Exum is doing well, and luckily Clarkson is the type of player we need coming off the bench...
  4. magic

    This team is not fun to watch

    Even when we get wins, they are not as satisfying as they were the past couple of seasons. This might be in part because of higher expectations, and partly because of how the way the game is officiated, but it's also partly because of how we play. I honestly thought we were going to be...
  5. magic

    When will Snyder or Gobert become responsible for our offensive woes?

    It took Hayward physically leaving Utah for most of this forum to realize he was overrated, so for the independent minds on this forum: If the Jazz continue being bad at offense, when will the "beloved" Snyder or Gobert finally get the blame? Regarding Snyder, all of our guards that played for...
  6. magic

    Mike Conley for Chris Paul?

    I'm not sure this trade would even be possible, but what do you guys think? I personally think Chris Paul is one of the most annoying players in the NBA, but I think his play style would fit well here. He has one of the best mid range game in the NBA and can create his own shot regardless of...
  7. magic

    Does Donovan Mitchell have the longest wingspan to height ratio in the NBA?

    Mitchell's height got downgraded to 6 foot 1. And he has a 6 foot 10 wingspan. Kawhi Leonard's height is 6 ft 6 and wingspan is 7 ft 3. Thus, DM's ratio would beat even Kawhi Leonard's wingspan to height ratio: (7 ft 3 / 6 ft 6) < (6 ft 10 / 6 ft 1)
  8. magic

    Best starting 5 of all-time

    I was randomly thinking about this subject, and a lot of time when people argue who is in their top 5, they just insert who they believe is the best player at each position without really thinking about the team as a whole. Ironically, people will probably do that here too. Because the game...
  9. magic

    Ersan Ilyasova and Tyreke Evans

    If Favors is to leave this summer, then the only stretch 4 available in free agency is Ilyasova. Well I guess technically Luc Mbah a Moute too, but not a big fan. Also, out of realistic scoring options available, I think Tyreke Evans is our best option. He can act as a 6th man, or can be used...
  10. magic

    Why the Jazz Can't Beat the Rockets With Gobert

    I said that Snyder would need to figure a plan on how to beat the Rockets without Gobert and had a bunch of homers disagree with me. In before, you can't play Rudy less, he's our best player!!!1 It doesn't matter if Gobert is our best player. He's not Michael Jordan or Lebron James, so there...
  11. magic

    And with the #1 Pick the Philadelphia 76ers select Donovan Mitchell

    That actually could have been a reality. Imagine how ridiculously good the 76ers would be right now if they had done that. I'm so ****ing glad that he's on the Jazz instead. And only for a bag of chips (i.e. Trey Lyles).
  12. magic

    Hill now the most overrated player on Jazzfanz

    That title used to belong to Hayward, but Hill has undoubtedly snatched that from him. Re-signing him for anything more than $10M a year would be mind-boggling. Yet many posters here are ok with paying him around $20M, when we can get a better player like Deron Williams for probably nearly half...
  13. magic

    We should trade for Deron Williams

    If we could get him our team would be stacked and we could make a deep run in the playoffs. It's even possible that he could play just as good or better than Hill (though Hill should start for team chemistry reasons). I mean I had high hopes for Exum, but maybe we should have hired a...
  14. magic

    Trey Burke

    I can't believe I'm posting this, but the guy should start. I think the chemistry killer of starting Mack is worse than Trey's terrible defense. Moreover, Trey is the only one that hasn't had a chance to start. He was initially starting off the bench to produce offense for the second unit...
  15. magic

    Who returns first: Favors or Exum?

    Old grandpa Favors and his aching back may not be back for a while. Pun intended.
  16. magic

    It's time to change things again

    Here is what should be done: 1. Bench Rodney Hood. He's been sucking it up and not shooting that well except for every now and then. And sometimes, like last night, he can shoot well (4-5 80%) but have a -17 while on the court. Try benching Hood and see if this motivates him to play like he...
  17. magic

    Who will be the first team to beat the Golden State Warriors this season?

    I thought LAC was gonna do it, until Lob City became Choke City. For some reason I really think it's going to happen soon, as in tonight vs. Chicago lol. Who do you guys think it will be?
  18. magic

    Does Exum have the body type to gain significant weight?

    Will Exum be able to gain the same type of weight that Hayward did this past off-season? I’m asking this because some people are just naturally skinny or have a hard time putting on weight and muscle. Rudy Gobert for instance. I believe Gobert worked out during the summer, but he wasn’t able to...
  19. magic

    Andrew Wiggins 538 evaluation

    Here is the link to the article: https://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/andrew-wiggins-lebron-james/ The article claims that Wiggins has been one of the worst players in basketball this season — period. They make this argument based off of statistics. I'm usually very pro statistics, but...