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    Postmodern Villainy

    Presented by one of the better web-comics on the internet: https://existentialcomics.com/comic/392
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    Thread for responding to lies spread by JazzyFresh

    It can be considering/difficult balancing the various preferences board users. I understand the reaction of people who don’t read to read an exchange with a poster who seems more interested in spin than in fact, but I’m one of the people who think it is also important to counter lies. Hence...
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    Trump campaign asks us to support our troops, picture has Russian troops

    https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/14/trump-ad-asks-people-to-support-the-troops-but-it-uses-a-picture-of-russian-jets-414883 Another reason satire is a difficult art under this administration.
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    SCOTUS rules that discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity is illegal

    https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/15/supreme-court-lgbt-rights-decision-319693 It's certainly a good step forward.
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    Capitalism and dental care

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    Trump might redefine Judaism to be a nationality

    Several actual Jews seem to be upset by the move, saying it invokes anti-Semitic "dual loyalty" claims. Trump made it clear over the weekend that he think Jews are primarily interested in money. would that be triple loyalties?
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    Georgia secondary school teacher suspended for discussing Confederate flag

    https://news.yahoo.com/teacher-suspended-suggesting-confederate-flag-132858420.html Where is all the outrage from our freeze-peachers? Why aren't the people who were worried about Peterson, Yiannopoulos,etc. defending this woman?
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    Warren implicated in sex scandal with 24-year-old Marine bodybuilder

    Jacob Wohl held a press conference to expose this scandal. Like Caroline McCarthy, this might affect my vote for Warren.
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    Walking the line between religious freedom and the right to discriminate or oppress

    http://www.deepsouthvoice.com/index.php/2019/09/01/no-mixed-or-gay-couples-mississippi-wedding-venue-manager-says-on-video/ Related ideas: Can an employer force employees to buy birth control out-of-pocket? What if the wedding is homosexual/transgender? Is there a difference between renting a...
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    Soonish: The Lost Chapter, on Nuclear Power

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    Four oil tankers sabotaged

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    Since I promised to stay out of the other thread, but have been summoned

    Joe Bagadonuts requested my response, so here it is, Those of us that read English can clearly see where it says, "The committee's founders and first members included:". Now, unless Greenpeace has somehow denied Moore was one of the first members, that page shows no dishonesty on Greenpeace's...
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    Conservatives on this board: do you think this video is unfair to you?

    A great deal of it rang true for me, but I am not a good judge.
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    Arrest of former US military in haiti

    The US never stops.
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    Bump stock ban

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/18/politics/bump-stocks-ban/index.html I don't know enough about guns to have a good opinion. Is this a positive step, meaningless, something that interferes with self-defense?
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    Police shoot security guard who stopped a shooter

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    US chess player to play in World Championship

    Fabiano Caruana has just won the 2018 Candidates match, and will play Carlsen in the fall.
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    Good guy with a gun shot by police

    http://amarillo.com/local-news/news/crime-and-courts/2018-02-14/apd-shoots-faith-city-mission-student-who-d-taken-gun Short version: Gunman takes hostages. Good guy wrestles gun away. Cops arrive and shoot good guy.
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    Goodbye, Green Party

    Maybe I was less than ideally informed, but it seems that this year Jill Stein is bringing the anti-science hot and heavy. I can't vote Green anymore.
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    Did the DNC take any actions to diminish Sander's chances?

    I have read about the email/voice mails from the DNC. So far, I have not heard of anything. It seems to have been venting about an non-Democrat (until November 2015, at any rate) trying to secure the Democratic nomination.