1. LifeOnaPlate

    Mike Conley hamstring watch

    Last season, Mike Conley missed 19 games due to what was originally referred to as a hamstring strain. The Jazz went on a ten game win streak at the time. But that was when Mike was struggling and not anything like the Mike he's become this season. Last season it was his left hammy. This season...
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    New videos for Jazz fans addressing race and racism

    Hey. I've been MIA around the board since everything went down in March. Honestly it's been too painful to spend time thinking much about the Jazz with how the season was going and with how the league shut down and how our guys were divided. But I'm still here. I was watching all the...
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    Sources: Bobby Portis significantly interested in Utah

    Per Tony Jones, who doesn't play. He's a RFA with Washington, who might not wanna match him because they're over the cap. Shot 39% from 3 last year. Also punched Mirotic. Because reportedly Mirotic was a jerk.
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    Gail Miller guarantees a title

    Gail Miller recently published a faith-driven memoir/self-help book for members of the LDS Church. Her story of changing from "a timid, unsure housewife and stay-at-home mom to being the owner of one of the 200 largest privately owned businesses in the United States" is pretty impressive. She's...
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    Excellent sale at the arena plaza

    They're having a sidewalk sale outside the arena, hats are twelve bucks. And there are a ton to choose from. I picked up two. Well worth checking out if you're near the arena on Thursday.
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    Official *FAVORS WATCH* thread

    This is the official thread where we can post updates and speculation about Favors. Share thoughts about re-signing Favors, memories of Favors in Utah, and other general speculation. One of the rumors I've heard is that the Suns will pursue Favs. A new report suggests they are looking to offer...
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    Locker Clean-out Discussion

    Happening now at 1280 The Zone. http://v6.player.abacast.net/118 http://www.1280thezone.com/ Dennis Lindsay takes the podium and offers his congratulations to Houston before taking any questions.
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    Official "Rubio hip injury watch" thread

    Andy Larsen reports Rubio didn't practice today, and is "still getting treatment on his hip." Yikes. We could really use a healthy Rubio.
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    Where's this Jazz hoodie?

    I can't find this Nike hoodie anywhere. Anyone have a tip?
  10. LifeOnaPlate

    Dante's return: mid- to late March per Dennis

    On 1280 Dennis Lindsay reports Exum is on track for March!
  11. LifeOnaPlate

    Favors with the cryptic Tweet

    An hour ago he tweeted an emoji with a raised hand. https://twitter.com/dfavors14/status/928359238006595584 928359238006595584 Does this mean "my bad"? "Give me the ball"? "I don't want to be here"? Something else? Donovan Mitchell responded with a goofy Forrest Gump tweet...
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    Buy a piece of Jazz history—GREEN ARENA SEATS, YO

    FYI: The Jazz are selling the classic (and, to be honest, pretty dang uncomfy) arena seats on FANZZ.com. I just ordered mine. You can buy a single seat for $100, 2 for $180, or 4 for $300 (in essence, buy three, get one free). Delivery costs an extra $50 seat or so if you don't want to pick...
  13. LifeOnaPlate

    Clearance Jazz stuff at Valley Fair Mall

    If you're in Utah and looking for inexpensive Jazz stuff for women or kids, the FANZZ store at Valley Fair Mall has a ton of jerseys for $12 (last season's, Favors and blanks), some T's for under five bucks, and a thin thermal long sleeved Jazz shirt for men. Recommended. I'll post a...
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    Favors Health Watch v. GSW

    Favors allegedly listed as "questionable" for Game 1 due to lower back soreness, just heard on 1280 The Zone Sports Network. (Apparently there's a rule that if a player misses practice they must be listed as questionable for a game within 24 hours?) Back pain is a serious issue, and especially...
  15. LifeOnaPlate

    Dennis Lindsay w/ some praise for Greg Miller

    Great Woj piece here, I thought this bit was interesting. Here's Dennis Lindsay, who passed up other opportunities before choosing Utah: https://sports.yahoo.com/news/jazz-back-warriors-get-used-seeing-playoffs-041131762.html
  16. LifeOnaPlate

    Warriors wanted to play Clippers because SLC is boring

    Pretty funny article. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/19287923/golden-state-warriors-preferred-play-los-angeles-clippers-next-part-enjoy-la-nightlife Wasn't it Hayward who said he was bored in L.A. during the two day break between games 1 and 2? Interesting. What are your favorite...
  17. LifeOnaPlate

    Game 6 signage

    Which of these, if any, do you all like best? Or do you have other ideas for game 6 signage? (It might depend on the outcome of game 5, or course.)
  18. LifeOnaPlate

    Game 4 JazzFanz roll call

    Who's going to game 4? I'll be there around six. Happy to meet up. It was cool seeing people last night.
  19. LifeOnaPlate

    Gobert update thread

    This thread is for Rudy Gobert injury updates only. If you see something, say something. Not for chats. For updates. Current status: sprained knee Medical: x-ray negative. Undergoing MRI. Source: Locke.
  20. LifeOnaPlate

    Let us petition the great rally churro GT: Jazz/Spurs

    Hey. I'll be at the game tonight with a #rallychurro inspired poster. In the event I get on the jumbotron or TV it would be great if there were some recent Tweets with the #rallychurro hashtag that people will be able to look at. Find your favorite rallychurro images and tweet out some petitions...