1. The Fresh Prince

    Nba don't want the Jazz to win the title.

    Now Aldridge? Lmao. We need to go ahead and get Cousins a job. Just bring him in to rough up Blake and LMA in the Finals
  2. The Fresh Prince

    Did bringing in a new owner save the Jazz?

    Moving on from the Miller family and bringing in a young, native Utahn as the owner was the best move this franchise may have ever done. This guy wants to see the Jazz win championships, and he's gonna do it his first year as owner. Holy ****.
  3. The Fresh Prince

    NBA Player Wishlist

    Who would YOU realistically like to see on the Jazz? Off the top of my head I think we could fuel our bench with Wayne Ellington or Thaddeus Young.
  4. The Fresh Prince

    Idk about y'all, but...

    This is turning into the most exciting season I've ever experienced as a Jazz fan... And I've been a fan since 1997.
  5. The Fresh Prince

    Sekou Smith passes away

    He passed away from covid complications at 49 years of age. Sekou was a reporter for the NBA, and if I recall he had broke news of a couple Jazz trades/signings over the years.
  6. The Fresh Prince

    sAlT lAkE cItY iS bOrInG

    Yet high profile celebs come to SLC for leisure? https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/michael-b-jordan-lori-harvey-203524273.html
  7. The Fresh Prince

    Elijah Hughes: A Day In the Life

    Man, this guy is already one of my favorite Jazzmen. He likes the outdoors, well spoken, mature. I really hope his game translates to the NBA and he becomes one of our primary scorers. I could definitely see him sticking with Utah if he becomes a solid player.
  8. The Fresh Prince

    Hughes & Mitchell : NY ties

    Both from NY. Seem to have a lot of chemistry built already. Shout-out to the front office for building a very compatible locker room (minus Rudy incident, which we seemed to have moved along from)
  9. The Fresh Prince

    Mark Cuban

    Pretty cool of him to just throw JJ a fat 2.6 million dollar check before sending him on his way. Now that's a hell of a boss to have. Playing for the Mavs seems like you get the rockstar treatment and treated like family when you're there, especially if they keep you around...
  10. The Fresh Prince

    Is this considered a nightmare?

    Man let me tell you some bs dream I had. Dante Exum scored 61 points in a game. Can't make it up. Let's hope that never happens!
  11. The Fresh Prince

    How long have you been here?

    17 years for me. Holy cow. Came here after Deshawn Stevenson got traded for Giricek. I remember it like it was last week. I originally went by Bellfor3. I was 13 years old at the time. I can legit say that I grew up with Jazzfanz.
  12. The Fresh Prince

    What's so bad about Rudy?

    Man everyone wants to write him off. We may never find another elite defensive big like him if we ship him off. Plus, he's loyal to our franchise. Just wish that him and Donovan let bygones be bygones.
  13. The Fresh Prince


    Where can I get some DONs with the mailman color scheme? These mfs are hard to find worldwide!
  14. The Fresh Prince

    Bryce Cotton NBL MVP

    Congrats to a former Jazzman. The NBL is the same league LaMelo Ball plays in.
  15. The Fresh Prince

    Did Mudiay change his number in respect to Kobe?

    Anybody got any information on that?
  16. The Fresh Prince

    Mike had a career high 10 months ago.

    40 points. A lot of shots made off the ball.
  17. The Fresh Prince

    The losing streak could be what we needed

    Losing streak going into the trade deadline. Maybe DL sees we have a few cracks in the armor and does one more trade for a valuable big. Fingers crossed.
  18. The Fresh Prince

    Pretty surprised...

    That our Filipino fanbase hasn't skyrocketed on the forums. There are hundreds on Clarkson fans from the Phillipines that are on the Utah Jazz Facebook page.
  19. The Fresh Prince

    David Stern Suffers Brain Hemorrhage

    Prayers up for Mr Stern. Terrible, terrible news.
  20. The Fresh Prince

    Jeff Green will be..

    Everything we hoped Marvin Williams could be. And that's the damn truth!