1. UtahJazz32

    Stay Humble

    Though we are on a tremendous streak, let's not get too prideful. It's in the playoffs where things truly matter. Let's enjoy this, I know I am. So proud of Clarkson too, he is my favorite player.
  2. UtahJazz32

    Merry Christmas Jazzfanz

    Here is wishing all my brothers and sisters on the Jazzfanz board a very Merry Christmas. I know 2020 has been rough, but here is wishing all of y'all Jazz fans happiness, prosperity and God's blessing to you and your family. The best is yet to come to all of you and our beloved team, the Utah...
  3. UtahJazz32

    Tre Scott

    Signed a deal with us today, anyone know anything about him ?
  4. UtahJazz32

    Wood to Hou

    3yr 27m
  5. UtahJazz32

    Favors 3yr/27M

    Back with the Jazz baby for 3yrs
  6. UtahJazz32

    Romaro Gill

    Just signed with us went undrafted C from Seton Hall
  7. UtahJazz32

    Conley staying

    No early termination...
  8. UtahJazz32

    Not making this a race thing but....

    I recently read a previous post about that season ticket holder company refusing to renew because of the Jazz stand on BLM. The poster mentioned this site was majority white, I get it and understand it. I was curious how many on here are non white. That this matters I was just curious, I...
  9. UtahJazz32

    Either Conley goes or DL you choose...

    Obviously DL stunted our teams potential by trading for Conley. In the midst he has shackled our ability to sign free agents based on Conley's contract, he also gave key assets in the acquisition. He also made bone head moves in signing Davis and Green
  10. UtahJazz32

    Conley leaves

    Mike Conley leaves the bubble to see the birth of his child
  11. UtahJazz32

    Yet another reason to extend my boy Clarkson

    He is the bench, he is the 6th man and he was meant to be on the Jazz. We are perfect for one another. I hope he stays , we need eachother. Here is to hoping that Clarkson stays a Jazzman for many years to come. On a side note he has singlehandedly brought a global exposure to the Utah Jazz...
  12. UtahJazz32

    Bojan situation

    Do the jazz pick up anyone to aid with Bogey gone or just bring up a slc star ?
  13. UtahJazz32

    Bojan done for the year

    Wrist injury, he just got surgery. Done for the year
  14. UtahJazz32

    My Boy Jordan Clarkson to re sign with the Jazz ?!

    I really hope this is true, he has become my favorite Jazz player since his arrival. Coach Quin gives him the freedom to excel as a spark plug off the bench. If he is back next year for us, I will definitely buy his jersey. Credits go to Utah Jazz.updates on instagram
  15. UtahJazz32

    Choose Gobert or Donovan, you can't have both!

    For the sake of curiosity, assuming Gobert and Mitchell can't mend their relationship and we are forced to keep one and get rid of the other, who do you pick for the future of the franchise and why ? I say Gobert. He is more valuable, he is loyal and he is our future.
  16. UtahJazz32

    Dynamic Duo Clarkson and Mudiay

    These guys are our most potent 1,2 punch off the bench. They seem to flow well and spark us. They can be very lethal if we utilize them more frequently. Hopefully Quin sees it. Was so dope seeing them perform last night. Clarkson you expect the spark , glad to see Mudiay perform as the next man up.
  17. UtahJazz32

    Jordan Clarkson Narrates Story

    Our very own Jordan Clarkson narrates a new ESPN documentary called The Tenement. Looks pretty interesting. I really like Clarkson, good on him for agreeing to do this for the Phillipines. https://www.espn.com/core/video/iframe?id=28655611&endcard=false I knew the majority of us watched the...
  18. UtahJazz32

    Do We Keep Clarkson ?

    Chime in on whether you think we keep Clarkson or not ?
  19. UtahJazz32

    Favors on the Block

    Heard about Favors being on the trading block. Man it would be so great to bring him back. Damn
  20. UtahJazz32

    Free Agents/ Trades / Roster Moves

    Hey guys with our constant struggles on the court and glaring weaknesses, do you think we make some changes? Trades before the deadline? Free agent pick ups ? Ex Booker ? There has been a lot of buzz about trade talks just wanted guys to chime in on it.