1. Sean

    Boy I'm glad the Jazz didn't sit Mitchell and punt game two.

  2. Sean

    Fire Ty

  3. Sean

    Bring back Sloan.

  4. Sean

    Jerry Sloan sells off all his tractors (Yahoo! Sports article about Sloan's life outside the NBA).

    https://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news?slug=ycn-8341029 It sure doesn't sound like he's interested in returning to the game. I'm still shocked he sold off all his tractors. That's just incomprehensible to me. Gah...I still miss the man. :(
  5. Sean

    Most awesomest thing ever...

  6. Sean

    Some of you people need to calm the **** down...

    Jazzfanz is turning into this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0GW0Vnr9Yc So calm down and get a hold of yourself!
  7. Sean

    Bring back Jerry...

  8. Sean

    The Chicago Jazz...

    There is a video on the front page of Yahoo! showcasing the Bulls' mascot. I had noticed a fan wearing a red Jazz shirt in the crowd and thought it was pretty funny. This was from Thursday's game between Chicago and Golden State.
  9. Sean

    You know what's hilarious? A Rockets fan praising the Jazz and the aftermath of said praise.

    https://bbs.clutchfans.net/showthread.php?t=195627&page=1&pp=20 It's like someone went into Iran and started yappin' about how awesome Judaism is.
  10. Sean

    ESPN Magazine has its NBA preview out...

    They've got the Jazz finishing 4th in the west. It's a pretty cool issue with each team represented by comic book superheros. Williams is used for the Jazz as the Daredevil.
  11. Sean

    Thanks, Carlos.

    You weren't very well liked. But with your help, you brought playoff basketball back to Utah. Sure, much of your time here was disappointing - but you did provide me one of the greatest moments I've experienced as a fan. Beating the Rockets in that game seven on their home floor will most...
  12. Sean

    Why does KOC always leave such a bad taste in my mouth?

  13. Sean

    Utah's new floor...