1. jope

    Ronnie Price

    it’s summer, kill me for it. Saw Ronnie Price several times at Lagoon yesterday. He played some baseball throwing games at the same time as my kids and kinda hurt his arm, then went over and drilled a ton of threes on the basketball game. My kids thought it was fun because we were all going to...
  2. jope

    NBA Stars' Comments and Reactions to Rookie Donovan Mitchell

    I think it's time to post these here, if anything just for posterity's sake. Feel free to add more
  3. jope

    Donovan Mitchell With and Without Gobert

    Let me preface this post with the ultimate disclaimer that I in no way, shape, or form feel that Rudy is the problem. In fact there's problems with Rudy, and there's problems without Rudy. And we actually win about at the same rate with him, and without him. I had just noticed that it feels...
  4. jope

    NBA Streaming Services

    Anyone out there use an HD streaming service for the season? last year i used Reborn4HDLive, which was great, but they've changed their payment structure and now only use sketchy Chinese payment methods, which I am a little hesitant to pursue. Any advice on services would be greatly...
  5. jope

    Reborn4HDLive Users

    Hi, So i used Reborn4HDLive last year to watch all games and it was great. Now i went to re-up today for summer league and next season but the interface is all sorts of different, and they don't use paypal anymore and the new payment schemes all use methods i'm unfamiliar with... Anyone on...
  6. jope

    I Must repent to god

    I was bitching hard about hayward the first 2 games, but holy hell has he figured it out. If you scratch the poison game where he barely played, and even include those first 2 games where he couldn't get a shot over Luc, his playoff averages are almost 27 PPG on 48%/46%/96% shooting, to go with...
  7. jope

    Hayward our best scorer since Karl Malone?

    Maybe this is old news to some, but i just realized that hayward is scoring more ppg this season than any one has from this franchise since karl malone 15 years ago. What a dynamic 2-way player he has become..
  8. jope

    remember when our offense looked like this?

    [video=youtube_share;_5n9yacx2GY]https://youtu.be/_5n9yacx2GY Say what you want about jerry. hell, even say that quin has a good system. but there is no doubt that jerry got his players to run the sets, HARD. the crispness, sharp cuts, and speed created countless easy looks. easy...
  9. jope

    A quick look at league wide metrics

    Here are some inferences from league wide metrics 1/8th of the way into the season According to PER, we have 2 top 20 players on the roster George Hill (#15) and Gordon Hayward (#18) are both above 25 PER for the first times in their careers. Only 10 players were able to post > 25 PER...
  10. jope

    2016 vs 2004

    I just realized that our current team has officially finished with a worse record than the 2004 Jazz.. 2004 Utah Jazz (42 Wins) 10 Man Rotation Andrei Kirilenko Matt Harpring Carlos Arroyo DeShawn Stevenson Greg Ostertag Raja Bell Gordan Giricek Jarron Collins Tom Gugliotta...
  11. jope

    NBA Using Hayward for "Good Dad" PSA

    [video=youtube_share;54ElrL68n00]https://youtu.be/54ElrL68n00 But really they showing off his attractive wife.
  12. jope

    Mobile page won't load on threads

    Hey just some debugging feedback on the mobile site setup. The default landing page and the forum main pages load fine and display in a mobile format, but when I try to go into any thread, it will only show a white empty page. It does this on both mine and my wife's phones (g4 and galaxy 6)...
  13. jope

    OKC @ SLC - Utah Jazz Game - 7:00 PM MST on FSOK, ROOT, ZONE

    OKC (27-7) @ UT (11-25) 7:00 MST, Energy Solutions Arena OKC LINEUPS This guy wont be playing But this guy will. the antichris T couldnt get this one done: at least we still have this guy shooting love arrows right into our backs We're losing the tank, JLiii, can you shoot every...
  14. jope

    Is this when Ty gets canned?

    Ok, this instance happened almost 15 years before i was even born, but i was looking through some jazz history stuff and was curious about this. in the 74-75 season, scotty robertson led the (new orleans) jazz to a 1-14 (7%) record before being let go. Is this the benchmark that Ty must hit...
  15. jope

    How our rookie PG, and his SG (now could-be should-be interim PG) physically stand against the NBA

    I've been hearing since draft day that TB is going to need to adjust, since he is such a short PG. He is constantly referred to as small. I wanted to see how small he really was. And for fun, i threw our soon-to-be interim PG Alec in the table as well, to see how he stacked up. At the bottom...
  16. jope

    Sortable Stats for Every Player Preseason 2013

    I havent really seen many tables for nba-wide preseason, so i just took the team-page stats and put them into a spreadsheet and added some extra fields ( i wanted to see how we compared to other teams' guys). if youre interested you can click here for the actual table, to sort the fields and...
  17. jope

    Deron Breaks NBA Record

    7 3s in the 1st quarter 9 3s in the 1st half 11 3s for the game [video=youtube_share;5lhSgq-0lVg]https://youtu.be/5lhSgq-0lVg
  18. jope

    Should we be concerned with this stat?

    Is Tyrone producing an offense that creates opportunities for easy buckets? 2012-13 (Coach Ty) # of players shooting >50% from the floor 1 (kanter) 2011-12 (Ty) # of players shooting >50% from the floor 1 (Evans) 2010-11 (Sloan/Ty) # of players shooting >50% from the floor 3...
  19. jope

    Opposing PG Stat Stuff

    Okay... All season long, I have observed us failing to adequately defend opposing PGs on a regular basis. More often than not they seem like they can do whatever they want against our defense. So I was messing around with Excel, trying to learn some new formulas. So I decided to look...
  20. jope

    How are we going to score without Al?

    That's how (8 people in double figs)