1. campaignist

    Game Thread Apr 02, 2021 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Bulls

    i'm so pissed that portland signed RHJ
  2. campaignist

    Jazz Charter Flight Engine Trouble

    Oh man, I just saw this and the comments are amazing. 10/10 jazzfanz
  3. campaignist

    Georges Niang is a Good Defensive Player?

    I never understood the Niang hate. I’ve been ambivalent, but his development has flown under the radar. Very well could be the next Royce to some degree. If Oni develops too, that solves so many problems.
  4. campaignist

    March of the HYDRA!!

  5. campaignist

    Trade deadline discussion

    There is just no need for JJ Reddick on his last legs. Even on a buyout, I have to think there are better options.
  6. campaignist

    Trade deadline discussion

    i know, i was just saying he'd be my ideal trade target, but that brogdon would be close behind
  7. campaignist

    Trade deadline discussion

    actually Lavine has apparently improved a lot on D, which is good
  8. campaignist

    Trade deadline discussion

    Next to Lavine and maybe Marcus Smart, Brogdon is my dream pick to pair with Donovan.
  9. campaignist

    LaMarcus Aldridge

    PJ intrigues me, as does RHJ. i think our backcourt is fine for now though, otherwise i'm on board.
  10. campaignist

    LaMarcus Aldridge

    On a minimum after a buy out maybe, but I can think of better players to sign
  11. campaignist

    Ersan Ilyasova to sign with Jazz per Jordan Schultz

    This is a decent body to throw at Jokic, Embiid, AD, etc. for a few minutes/as needed. Good pickup.
  12. campaignist

    Who Should the Jazz Bring In?

    hot take: bring bojan off the bench and start ingles.
  13. campaignist

    Snyder, Niang and O'Neale must go and I'll explain why

    Aint gonna lie, I have missed the post loss freakouts
  14. campaignist

    March of the HYDRA!!

  15. campaignist

    Jazz Comparisons

    i just think the competition was too good at the time. and i was rooting too hard against them
  16. campaignist

    Jazz Comparisons

    The spurs comparison is more accurate. I'm kind of wondering if it's the next step in the SSL suns. Really, this is also what the Rockets were aiming for too, we just have better defense. They'd have won a title if they had a Gobert.
  17. campaignist

    Ben Simmons strengthening his case for Defensive Player of the Year

    I would be on board with it, because he's done well, if he wasn't just such a twerp
  18. campaignist

    Good Jazz article

    After playing most of the same roster a couple nights before. It's always hard to beat the same team twice in a row, for whatever reason.
  19. campaignist

    Elijah Millsap: Lindsey in exit interview: “if u say one more word, I’ll cut your Black *** and send you back to Louisiana”.

    This is good. As a mentor once taught me, if it's not in writing, it didn't happen. I'd like to know if this happened-I hope it didn't.