1. Dr. Jones

    Unashamed to ask

    for a watch, like, share, and subscribe! my 9-yr old daughter is doing this to help with Washington County child homelessness.
  2. Dr. Jones


    Who’s still here? does Jason still own this hot pile of trash? is Colton still wielding the don’t be naughty stick? what about One Love? Is he still a thing? is pwonsaurus or whatever his name was/is still spamming dumb ****? jake still cranking yogurt? Ray bans.. heh. babe still cryptic...
  3. Dr. Jones

    What is wrong with you people?

    Of all the things we can think of to post about and share among awesome human and rad dudes is.... politics, politics, and MOOOORE politics. Thanks to Fish for the sauce thread and to yamers for the moonshine thread... sheesh guys.. live life a little.. none of these threads will impact a...
  4. Dr. Jones

    Anything REALLY interesting?

    Include pics. really...
  5. Dr. Jones

    Pretty damn funny

    kudos to Jason for trying to put the band back together.. I haven’t posted here more than maybe 10 times in the past 18 months (WAG). Yet I randomly get multiple “likes” all from mods on posts from years ago.. feeble attempt to reel us back in I presume.. and it worked.. at least this once...
  6. Dr. Jones

    The Mailman

  7. Dr. Jones

    Jason Buck

    just joined our sales team.. cool dude.
  8. Dr. Jones

    Weird NBA moment

    ... if I can remember how to embed a tweet. All Suns players synchronized...
  9. Dr. Jones

    Terrence Jones heading to China

    Mind blowing he doesn't have an NBA offer. Totally unreal.
  10. Dr. Jones

    Someone told me today that

    The Jazz are looking at getting a practice facility in St. George. Anyone else heard that?
  11. Dr. Jones

    @One Love

    Where's the Tall Blacks thread??
  12. Dr. Jones


    To play (basketball) at UK on Nov 10th. Mark Pope tweet.
  13. Dr. Jones

    What ya grubbin n sippin on today?

    Happy Memorial Day folks. Water u up2?
  14. Dr. Jones

    R.I.P. New Truck

    Blessed to all be safe. https://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2017/05/28/jcw-truck-rolls-after-fishtailing-on-dirt-road/#.WSrvVjxOKaO
  15. Dr. Jones

    Tomorrow is my birthday

    And this is the correct forum because I got sung happy birthday to.. at a Mexican restaurant in Vegas and they brought me this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Dr. Jones


    Dalamon and my little girl. Now Dala is spending time talking with my wife about health, medicine, and life. Great guy.. but already knew that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Dr. Jones

    This is just between me and Cy

    It's not like I don't see you...
  18. Dr. Jones

    Jazz NEED to sign

    Jahlil Okafor This is mesmerizing. 837106315952553984
  19. Dr. Jones

    Anyone reading about Mary Doetsch?

    Well.. Only asking cuz I'm building her home and she's in national news. She's sharp and level-headed. Tough as nails.
  20. Dr. Jones

    Jazz depth chart

    I am curious how others view our current depth chart?