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    Covid 19 Vaccines?

    So should all pro athletes and support staffs get vaccines first? What does everyone think?
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    Does Donovan make All NBA team this year

    So to get his entire supermax salary DM has to make All NBA team this year 15 spots I think 6 spots for guards What are his chances What does he have to do
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    So what is the formula?

    After this finals how do you build your team? To beat Lebron. To beat Curry. To beat Durant and OKC. How?! :mad:
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    What does Curry do?

    Does Curry take the monster contract when due? Or does he take a reasonable one that allows Warriors to sign free agents that continue Warriors dominance? Warriors in unique position with world's best player not under a monster contract.
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    Could Gobert win the triple crown of horse racing as a jockey?

    Couldn't resist :rolleyes:
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    What if

    This is a big what if and the chances are very slim to none, But what if Neto comes in and outplays Burke? That would be a very interesting dilemma.
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    Possible new Jazz draft strategy

    I say draft sons of NBA players whenever possible. Almost all have done very well in NBA. Kobe, Steph Curry, Wes Matthews. Kevin Love, Mike Bibby, Dunleavy Jr., Walton, Damien Wilkens, the Barry brothers, Ewing Jr. etc. Draft Glen Robinson III and Tim Hardaway Jr. if both are available...
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    Should Jazz ever offer a max contract?

    So that's the question. Seems when they do, the payroll and roster moves end up in chaos. I say yes only if they can get a legit top ten player. And the chances for that are very slim. As we've seen a max for anyone else winds up a disaster.
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    True PG becoming extinct?

    Seems like there are very few John Stockton type PGs in the league right now and very few if any coming out of college in the next few years. What is the future for the true PG position? Should Jazz try to get one at any cost?
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    Would anyone do this trade?

    Have not really thought this out so it's probably idiotic. Would anyone trade Kanter and Burks for John Wall? Wall seems to be only young legit all star type PG available.
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    Do Rockets really need Howard?

    Rockets seem to have a lot of talent right now.
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    What is the championship model?

    Did Miami winning change the model? Many said Heat gave up too much to get James and Bosh, and keep Wade. Many said they would never have enough depth to go all the way. They won with broken down vets, no size, no elite type PG, etc. They beat a team with overwhelming youth, speed, etc. How...
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    If Jazz don't get a first round pick

    If Jazz don't get a first round pick let's speculate about their second round pick. I have no idea. :confused:
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    Cavs release Kapano- anybody interested?

    Cavs release Kapono- anybody interested? What about him. Can he be Utah's next Korver? Spot up three point shooter. Would he fit and be effective under Jazz system?
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    Do all Spanish PGs tear ACL?

    Wow. First Raul Lopez. Now Rubio.
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    What should Jazz do now?

    With Memo gone and some cap space available what should be next roster move?
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    Big change in signing FAs?

    So will not having Sloan make it easier to sign FAs? Does signing a player like J Howard mean more players may be willing to come to Utah and play for Corbin? Does this mean anything? What does this mean? :confused:
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    Next coach of Heat

    This is assuming Heat fire Spolstra which seems like the first thing they will do. My quick list to start off. No good reason for any. Just want to see what everyone thinks. Phil Jackson Brian Shaw Pat Riley takes over John Calipari
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    Would you do this?

    Just thinking if Jazz are really set on Brandon Knight and locked in on him at #3 what about Jazz trading #3 to Cavs for #4 and #32? That's if Cavs would take Irving #1 and Wolves take Kanter #2. Then Cavs can take Williams with #3, and get who they really want with little to give up. Jazz then...
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    Crazy trade?

    Just a quick idea. Not sure I like it but here goes. Trade Jefferson and the #3 for Bogut and Bucks #10. Jazz now have Bogut and the #10 and #12. This trade works on trade checker. Jazz now have legit defensive center. Can Jazz still get what they need with #10 and #12?